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Do you eat to live or live to eat? Lots of foodies will definitely go for the latter and guess what? We can totally relate!

To some, food is a form of art that should be enjoyed at every moment. A piece of Art so beautiful that you want to capture it and share with the world on Instagram as well as add that unique # to tempt all.  Now, you all have done it at some point so don’t even think of denying!

We all have that inner foodie in us just waiting to burst out and try different cuisines that life has to offer. It’s amazing how all these remarkable flavours that are so unique in their own way are combined together to produce a brilliant dish which you can call #myfav.

Running a restaurant isn’t easy. You have to know your customers and their taste in food. It takes hard work to prepare and present that dish that you easily take a few minutes to gobble! Take some time to appreciate that aromatic smell or that striking clash of colours put before you by sharing your meal with us with #mombasa_eats. It only takes a couple of quick clicks before that art is devoured! Show off and let’s see if your meal is better with #mymealisdefbetterthanyours .

That initial wait once you’ve ordered your food is torture. Although you get busy with talks, at the back of your mind you are surely wondering “where is my food?”. You start to salivate watching others get their meals and then you start getting the taste before your meal has arrived. It is only then when you realize that- Happiness is when the food you see coming out of the kitchen at a restaurant is actually yours and not the neighbouring tables!

From our perspective, the ultimate savior to our late night walks to the fridge or those irritating cravings that appear out of nowhere is none other than FOOD!

If you’re a foodie like us, rate our blog or leave a comment. We love to share our meals with #mombasa_eats and so should you.

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As Mombasa Eats we are looking to publicize our local restaurants, be it big or small, and make not only our locals but everyone who enjoys food more aware of the various cuisines Mombasa has to offer.
With the Tourism Industry getting a huge boost at the moment, it is time for the Food and Beverage Industry to rise and be on par which is why we are encouraging you to post your meals on our Instagram Page- Mombasa_Eats and like our Facebook page Mombasa Eats. You can simply tag us in your picture or #mombasa_eats. You could also email us your pictures on We would also be honored to collaborate with restaurant owners and private caterers to not only help boost your businesses but also bring more awareness.
They say never judge a book by its cover, likewise, never judge a restaurant before you have even given it a try. Everyone’s taste is different. Explore and see it for yourself.