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Play: Amezidi

The Silent Itch presents a peek preview of Said Ahmed Mohamed’s AMEZIDI at the Little Theatre Club on 21st June, at 6.30PM.
The preview will be preceded by a variety of performances by the Talent Unplugged, an LTC initiative that provides a platform for upcoming young artistes to showcase their talents amongst their peers. The launch of Amezidi at this platform is a deliberate effort to engage the youth in the conversation that will follow after the performance.

Directed by Hillary Namanje,the play is produced for the Silent Itch by Hardik Modha.

Amezidi employs dry wit, symbolism and sarcasm to ultimately force you ask yourself some very deep questions about Africa.
No sector escapes the author’s sharp wit: he effortlessly directs focus to the mess in education, health, agriculture, politics, even leisure. In the end, the play leaves a permanent impression that may be a life changing experience!

An open discussion forum pitting the actors Hillary Namanje (Ame), Matayo Randu (Zidi) and Georgia (Mari), fellow artistes, members of the press and the general public will follow after the performances. We expect a robust and lively discussion about the lessons, questions and observations raised by the author of Amezidi.

There are no charges for the 21st June preview.

As part of our efforts, to take the play on the road, we have a pop up appearance at Lotus Hotel on 29th June 2017 at 7pm. More details about the play’s tour will be shared at the Peek Preview

Play: Through Metal Bars

After six successful shows in Nairobi, The Aroji Drama Academy presents Through Metal Bars in Mombasa at the historical  Little Theatre Club on the 1st and 2nd July, 6PM and 3 PM respectively. This interactive-theatre piece is written by Muscat Moreno and Anthony Mbithi. It stars Muscat Moreno, Ibrahim Muchemi,  Briggitta Ikwara and is directed by Aroji Otieno.

THROUGH METAL BARS is a straight play that also combines visual media and poetic dance. It examines the retributive justice system in our prisons and explores the possibility of a restorative justice system in East Africa. Its performance style was intentionally selected to prompt audience discourse on human rights as affected by the judiciary and correctional facilities.


Ecclesiastes Omondi (X) an honest clearing and forwarding worker is arrested after his employer falsely accuses him of fraud. Due to lack of proper representation in court, he is jailed for five years after spending ninety days in remand. He is determined to keep his dignity and integrity intact but soon realizes that prison life is a whole new world governed by different principles. To survive the harsh and traumatic experience, X battles with conformity as he is forced to transform.

You may also book today to have this show in your institution or private functions.


Mobile: 0716 603866


Jina langu ni Salma Abdulatif

Your name and what do you do?

My name is Salma Abdulatif. I am an author, a civic leader and a student. I have authored the quote book “Painted Inspiration from the palm-fringed beaches”; I have founded my own community based organization, MTY and I am currently the vice president of Enactus Moi. I am also a fourth year student in Moi University, Main campus pursuing Maritime Business Management and a graduate/alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI ), a program initiated by the former  president  of the United States, Barrack Obama.

Tell us about your book?

The painted inspiration from the palm-fringed beaches is a collection of inspirational and life-changing quotes that I have compiled in a simple yet compelling way. The book takes you step by step to things that affect you, things that mean the world, how to handle success and friendship and how to look up to the stars when it’s calm and how to wait earnestly when it’s stormy and hard. This book is for everyone out there seeking for help, seeking to be uplifted, and seeking joy and love and a peace of mind. Painted Inspiration is for every flower on this earth and the flowers are each of you!

What made you want to write?

I am the grand-daughter of the famously known Ali Alamin Mazrui. At first, I thought I could write because I had inherited his traits, lol but as I went on, I realized that it is something within me and there was so much that I wanted to share with the world and I could only do that through my pen. One of my dreams was to see people get inspired with my work and start writing their own pieces and probably even identify their own niches. Alhamdulillah, after I started my Instagram page ‘expressing_through_salummy’, I realized that my work was loved and I received numerous commendable comments from my fans and readers and it gave me the hope to never stop.

You are a blogger as well, how do you deal with Writer’s block?

Unfortunately, writers block is inevitable sometimes but I guess it all goes back to our mindset. I consistently deal with writers block through reading books, watching TED talks and even reading a piece of an article from brain pickings every day. The more you feed your mind with knowledge, the more inspiration you get to keep writing.  Please check out my blog at

Do you have any special quotes or sayings that you keep visible in your work environment to help inspire, motivate, and encourage you?

Oh yes, this is my best quote from my collection (you can find others on my Instagram page @expressing_through_salummy). “Some days will be sunny and some days will be stormy. There are days that you will never want to look at the sky and there are days when the peace of the stars is all that you will want. Remember, these days shall come and they shall go. You should however carry your own weather day in and day out”

To get a publisher is tough, what advice would you give to someone who wants to get their work published?

I would say, do your work and get it done. It might seem hard but it is not impossible. For now, work on your piece and give it your best shot and you shall find yourself sorted when the draft is done. I am always ready to help budding writers and it will be a pleasure to see more writers get their work published in Mombasa.

Tell us something about Enactus?

Enactus is an international non-profit making organization that is committed to using entrepreneurial spirit to create innovative outreach projects to impact communities. I am currently the vice president of Enactus Moi. Last year, with my team, we clinched top position and we represented Kenya for the Enactus World Cup in Toronto, Canada and this year, our innovative waste management project also won the National Championship and we will be going to London, England for the finals In Shaa Allah.

How do you give back to society through Motivational Talks for Youth, MTY?

I realized that I find my happiness in uplifting others. It gives me fulfilment and it is what I live for. I came up with this initiative which had directly impacted more than 500 youth in Mombasa so as to change the mindset of my community and ensure that we transform Africa for the better. MTY conducts motivational speaking forums in schools, 3-month extensive training on leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and talent nurturing followed by a graduation and guidance on how to apply for the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and also involves largely on the wider community work. To be part of us, kindly contact 0702281909 and follow our Instagram page @mty_organization/ Facebook page @mty_organization .

How can people get your book?

The book is available online and

For the people in Kenya, you can get your autographed and signed copies by contacting 0705586076 at an affordable price.

Parting shot

I would love to end by saying that your dreams are valid and no one should stop you from reaching the skies; not even society and its’ made-up rules.  I would also want to tell you all that the secret to a fulfilling and successful life is to love and wish for others what we wish for ourselves. The main problem with our communities is that we cannot support and raise each other up and we think that it is cool, but that will never allow us to prosper.  We need to smile more genuinely, judge less and stop hating, just appreciating. Thank you.

Three spritual things to do in Ramadhan in Mombasa

In our previous blog about Ramadhan in Mombasa, we talked about the Mombasa street food. You can read the blog here: Ramadhan in Mombasa Ramadhan is a month of giving and blessings. Three things you can do to make it worthwhile:

Visit an Orphanage

There is a lot of orphanages in Mombasa with children fasting and have no meals to break their fast. You can purchase food items and deliver or donate to an organisation and join them when they go deliver the food. Seeing the children will give you time to reflect on yourself and help you fulfill your duties for Ramadhan.

Iftar at a Mosque

Donate snacks at a your area mosque, most people break their fast at the Mosque. Different people in the neighbourhood donate various snacks for people to break their fast. The harmony brings a sense of togetherness and bonding. You can donate a type of snack (Kalmati, viazi vya karai, bhajiya or Sambusa) or dates, it depends with your local mosque preference.

Donate Anonymously

A lot of people go through financial problems, most of the time is beyond someone’s control. You can donate anonymously to someone you know who is going through financial difficulties.  By giving them anonymously will hide your identity and also show them that someone out there cares. It gives hope to the person.

Jina langu ni Linus Okok (DADDY the dancer)

Your name and what do you do?
My name is Linus Okok( DADDY the dancer). I am a Choreographer, a dance director & a Dancer.

What is your earliest memory of dance?
I was eleven when I went on stage for the first time. That was way back in2006. I’ll never forget that day.

Was there a moment you realized that dance was going to be a significant and important part of your life?
Yes!!! I remember back in 2015 I choreographed & directed a dance for a certain college here in Mombasa. The school performed well & reached the national level in the Kenya National Drama Festivals College category. After the competition, the school offered me a scholarship, and that’s how I joined college.  Since then, I realized DANCE was going to be a significant & important part of my life.

Tell us about your style of dancing? How often do you practice?
I have based in lyrical theatrical dance. This is a style whereby, the dancer tells a story through emotions & movements instead of words. I practice everyday at least 4hrs a day.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from the music I listen to as a dancer, music can either BUILD or DESTROY you. In most cases music has led me into creating choreography. From the lyrics, composition, arrangement and emotion, Good music has a way of inspiring people. You can tell a singer’s’ emotion by listening to his/her music & those are the same emotions, the dancer is supposed to transfer to his/her audience. There are music that puts you right in the mood of creation.

Do you think artists in Mombasa are well branded?
No, they are inactive in social media where they should be engaging their followers daily and creating anticipation of what to expect from them and promote their current work, but they barely do so.

Most creatives in Mombasa are not paid for their Art, what do you think we should do to eliminate this issue so artists can be paid for their work?
Simple!!! Only two things required.

1). No artist should ever go on stage without an agreement/contract.

2)Artist shld be educated on the difference between showbiz & talent business.We have great talents in coast but our artist aren’t enlightened enough on the business part of it.Your talent shld be your business.

If you were given resources to create space and options for Artist, what would you do?
I would build schools & institutions for art, and no artist would go on stage without papers, whether talented or not. If a lawyer attends law school and a doctor attends medical school, why shouldn’t an artist attend an art school? Also make sure artists royalties are paid on time, media houses should play 60% local content.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
In ten years?…I see myself as a lecturer in a leading University, teaching Art.(Theatre & performing arts)

Parting shot
Dance is poetry. If it doesn’t speak for itself,then it makes no sense.

Mombasa Youtubers

Youtube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, when they worked for PayPal. Ever since millions of people visit Youtube for different reasons, some people visit to learn tutorials, to listen to music and watch different genres of videos including travel and Vlogs. Youtube is a popular website for every household. In the recent years Kenya has embraced Youtube content making, a lot Kenyans are creating content in Youtube including Travel videos, Vlogs, tutorials and many other categories. Life in Mombasa has decided to join the content makers in Kenya in creating interesting videos about Mombasa in correspondence with the blog.

The objective is to showcase Mombasa through pictures and videos to reach a wider audience and to appeal to different audiences. It should be able to create a more effective impact in showcasing Mombasa rich history, our culture and modern day lifestyle.

Our Channel is : Life in Mombasa

Kindly subscribe to Life in Mombasa channel and watch the videos. In the spirit of Mombasa content, here is a list of Mombasa Youtubers to follow in no particular order. Subscribe to their channel and let’s promote Mombasa Youtubers.

Abdulhalim Abdulhakim Hamada

A 16 year old student in Mombasa, he does games, comics and series reviews. His Youtube channel is called Geek Matter.

Link: Geek Matter

Farhana Oberson

Farhana is a lifestyle Vlogger, she blogs about her lifestyle including her travels, projects and everyday things in her life in Mombasa.

Link: Farhana Oberson

Nadia Naddy

A fierce inspiring Modest hijabi who talks about controversial topics that people are always afraid to talk about. An emerging author with zest and zeal of life.

Link: Nadia Naddy

Brian Kimani

Brian’s Safari buddies inspire him to travel and tell stories of other places other than Mombasa, but sometimes he tells us his Mombasa day life.

Link: GetawayPlanet

Maryam Alfan

A young energetic blogger, who is starting weekly Vlogs to talk about her daily life and her faith.

Link: PrettymuchKadzo

Farid Ali

A techy based in Mombasa, he reviews phones, gadgets and anything techy. He does intensive user reviews.

Link: R.V.C Tech

Maryam Taib

Make-up guru and an awesome hijabi Fashionista, Maryam Youtube channel is always inspiring for young muslim women.

Link : Spoonfullofhoney

Adrian Mwangudza

An illustrator who does 3D animation, Motion Graphics, and Graphic Design.With Experience of over 5 years in Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and InDesign.

Link: Sir Adrian M

Fatma Abubakar

Also known as Alula Mama is hijab tutorial vlogger, who lives between Mombasa and Dar es Salaam . Her Youtube channels  consist of simple Hijab designs  tutorials for all muslim women.

Link: Alula Mama 

Clifford B. Okumu

Clifford is a scriptwriter, director, producer at Celestial Touch Studio uses youtube to showcase their work from Wedding videos, short Films to Documentaries and promotional videos.

Link: Celestial Touch Studio

Aryen Muravvej

Aryen is only 12 years old, but he is creating content and a brand for himself.  With over 20 videos on his channel so far, he has a huge potential to create unique content for his peers and for the young generation.

Link: Verzer

Magdalene Kamau

A motivational speaker and an IT consultant living in Mombasa, Kenya. Her desire is to shed light in a variety of real-life situations and encourage someone live a better life, make better decision and help someone else do the same.

Link: Magdalene Kamau

Jina langu ni Nadia Naddy

Your name and what do you do?
My name is Nadia Naddy. I am an Author, a Blogger and a Female Empowerment Activist currently based in Berlin, Germany taking up my Maters in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy.

Your recently published a book, tell us about it?
Yes, I recently published my first book under Amazons Publishing house called ‘CREATIVESPACE’. My book addresses the misconceptions about feminism, why Feminism is important and the fundamentals of women being each other’s keepers. I went deeper into understanding what this misconception is about: Through my real life experiences, quotes from men and women from different parts of the world, Religious quotes from both the Quran and Bible and Inspiring quotes to uplift oneself. This is in hopes to change people’s minds and give them a clear understanding and appreciation of the movement.

You blog a lot, did that help you in writing your first book?
It actually did, being an inspirational and motivational writer on my blog has helped me broaden my thinking capacity into coming up with a book concept that would be easily readable and understood by everyone. On my blog I use quotes and large paragraphs to get my message across, which brought me to the idea of having collective quotes and paragraphs all in a book to be easily understood and getting the message out there.

What message do you hope to send to your readers?
I hope to make them understand that feminism isn’t about favoritism of one gender over another, rather it’s a concept that should be used to bring genders together to work as one towards uplifting and respecting each other.

Where is the book available?
The Book is available on Amazon Central ($), Amazon UK and Amazon Europe (€). I also have a few books in stock as I am coming to Kenya soon, DM me on my Instagram page: fiercena_ddy to get a copy.

The tone of feminism has become angrier and more resentful, and the explanation is often that there has been a “backlash” in the culture. What do you think?
In any given situation there is bound to be backlash towards a concept or a cause that opposes traditional norms, therefore in my opinion it’s inevitable. However, I think as feminists we need to not retaliate rather take time to understand what the backlash is all about and be able to work around it so as to create an understanding towards the people and the concept itself. It wouldn’t be correct if I were to say all that feminist claim is right, however it would be wrong for me to stand and be against a cause that will uplift those in despair and join together those that feel left out i.e. The Male, Other women who feel they don’t belong and so forth.

Feminism is still frowned upon in Mombasa, are you prepared to receive the backlash?
I mentally and emotionally prepared myself to receive backlash from the society in Mombasa the moment I started writing the book. However, to my personal beliefs and research being a young feminist from Mombasa I am not going against any religious traditions. People in our society need to learn and differentiate between religious and cultural values, because our culture frowns upon empowering the women and not our religious values. And this is why I made sure I quoted both religious books, the QURAN and the BIBLE in my book to address the issue of not being able to be a feminist all cause of religious claims.

What challenges did you face writing your book?
Putting a filter on my thoughts, as I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to go all in on my thoughts on my first book. It was very challenging because I am a very straightforward and blunt person, so I decided to be less blunt and see how it would all be received.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
To be honest I really don’t know. I believe in embracing each moment and opportunity as it comes. Yes I want to be able to touch people’s heart and minds through my words, my actions and the values I live by but it is something I strive as I go forward. Who knows maybe I would be the Next Oprah Winfrey…

Parting shot
Do what you strongly believe in, always stand tall no matter the circumstance and never be scared to fall. It doesn’t matter how many people believe and understand what you do, as long as you believe in it. Then it’s all what you need.

Iftar and Suhoor at EnglishPoint Marina

Ramadhan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, a holy month for Muslims. All muslims observe fasting from dawn to dusk. Iftar and suhoor being the only meals allowed, a lot of people prepare various meals to break the fast with. It is a great time to reflect on family and fellowship by breaking fast with family and friends. Being thankful for the month of blessings and harmony.

Iftar and Suhoor at EnglishPoint Marina

EnglishPoint Marina is introducing Iftar and Suhoor dinners every night at The Pier, with beautiful decor that embodies the rich history and culture of Mombasa Island. The iftar menu will consist of various coastal dishes, such as Kalmati, Samaki wa kupaka, Viazi Karai. Also, various seafood like seafood Skewers, Fish Tempura and Grilled Barracuda. Guests will be breaking their fast with Halwa, Date and coffee overlooking old town as the sun sets behind Mombasa. The buffet will also include assorted pastry, Mahamri, pancakes and Sambusa.  For suhoor there will be a menu to order from. Each week there will be a different menu to create a variety for the guests.


  • Available
    • Prayer room
    • Wudhu area
    • Children’s area
    • Children under the age of 5 eat free
    • children aged 5 – 12 eat for half price.
  • Hours :
    • Iftar 6:30pm to 9:00 pm
    • Suhoor 10:00 pm to 3:00 am
  • Suhoor Hours :
  • Cost kshs 2000 per person

For reservations:

Call: 041 214 7000 / 7505 / 7721 | 0707 271 346

Email: /

Sample Menu