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Jina langu ni Naima Twahir

Your name and what do you do?

My name is Naima Twahir, I am the founder and director of Shakirina youth for development, I am a trained C/PVE (Countering /Preventing violent extremism) TOT ,youth leader advocating for youth inclusion , social worker, community health volunteer, also I am a business woman and a mother.

Tell us about Shakirina Youth for Development.

Shakirina youth for development is a community based organization registered in 15/12/2011 as a youth group Shakirina Youth group then upgraded to a community based organization, based in Old town Mombasa County.

Shakirina youth for development, email- twitter- @ShakirinaYouth, instagram- shakirinayouth tell no-254 718 887 303

The group was initiated before 2012 elections with a group of youths with the aim of stopping violence and political dependency by doing business and community awareness on non-violent elections to youths

The community being faced with myriad of challenges that has inhibited its development key of those affected being youths, we initiated “preventing violence extremism through sports. In 2016 we engaged teens to play football at the fort Jesus grounds to keep them away from being exposed to drugs and related violent triggers

Using sports as a way to prevent violence we organize peaceful tournaments in Mombasa County as a whole and we do home visits to support teens in the project during difficulties. We refer teens to psychological support to professional counselors

Describe a typical day with the children?

We usually meet on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they get trained by the coach under supervision and later on given 10 minutes to network

Every month we chose a day where we bring in a community leader to come and talk/sensitize to them on matters that could prevent them from being violent or drug addiction. After every 4 months they go for an exchange visit to learn about other people and culture.

We have 1 Sunday of month where they tell stories and read story books.

Is there enough resources in Mombasa to empower the youth?

I think yes, but there are poor structures on how to disburse them, most of those who access them are friends or affiliates  of Mombasa county Politian’s/ campaigners, so if you are from the grassroots it’s not easy to access any!

What are the top three challenges youth face?

Violence in school and in the hood- parents, teachers and the community are all not responsible for teens, when they see them having a fight they just tend to ignore and this creates rifts between youths in the hood, when they start bullying each other it’s not seriously taken, its until when one is injured that’s the time they interfere, currently we have street fights and no talks about them in Old town.

Drug abuse- a large number of teens are chewing Mongokas which affects their wellbeing, a large number of youths are smoking bhang in the hood and its seen as a normal thing, others are like zombies on the street after sniffing, smoking cocaine and these has made their bodies less active by contributing to economy in old town, only women are on the forefront in doing businesses to look after their families. Drugs are easily available and accessible the peddlers sell drugs to young kids.

Education disparity- a larger number of youths in the hood are school dropouts, so they don’t feel appreciated or being engaged because of their educational background, they always withdraw themselves with others whom have gone and finished school, they have created social class between them 1.the learned and unlearned.

Many parents don’t know how to nurture artistic talent, how can parents help their artistic children?

Yes, they think nurturing talents is a waste of time and resources, they feel like talents is committing a sin, and with talents they will not make it in future. They have to believe in their children, get them exposed in other areas.

What are the challenges you face with the organization?

Lack of enough resources to sustain projects- we have a long term project in Old town, we train teens football 4 days per week, they wear jerseys which they need to be clean, we have a community volunteering coach whom the organization is not able to pay, members of the organizations are all volunteers so they need to work somewhere and earn  daily bread then give back to the community by demonstrating their skills in the field work.

A focus on the short term projects- it when we abide by the rules given to us by donors, we cannot exceed or reduce from a short term projects, because that’s what the donor wants. Every short term project is specific and has its own time-frame.

Difficulties in programs approach to the community- our people are the hardest to deal with, whenever you engage them in anything they resist but later they will murmur and complain, when you initiate a project they will insist it goes to opposite cultural norms and beliefs by giving false ideologies, the organization is a women lead and men in the hood feel threatened and outdated seeing women taking lead, whenever you engage them they boycotts our projects.

What do you hope to achieve?

A peacefully community where youths, community and business partners has peaceful coexistence and trust each other whenever they meet

We want to see youths navigate their time positively and contribute fully to community development as equal partners.

Where do you see yourself   10 years from now?

I hope to move into a position very much like these one, but with more an impact to women, children and youths, I’d like to find myself in a position to mentor others in community development industry, putting my experience to use in ways that help others achieve what I attained.

Parting shot

Trying is always enough. ~ Patricia Briggs

Weekend Market

Kenya branded souvenirs are the best gifts to give to people traveling outside Kenya, many people have learnt the skill to create different products for this demand. Today, you can find different vendors around Kenya selling from bracelets to shoes made in Kenya.  The unique accessories represent different cultures and other products made from assimilation of cultures.

In Mombasa , one of the places is on Moi ave and custom road you will find them on the weekend. The road is closed to allow them to set up the Weekend market. A few vendors sell their products they made or acquired from other producers. On display at the weekend Market are various items such as hanging ornaments, kitchen wares, bedding, clothing, sandals and wearable accessories. The price ranges cost as low as kshs 100 to over kshs 5000, depending on your purchase.  Each product has a specific use or you can decide a different use for it.

The weekend Market makes it easier for you to be trendy on a low budget. The items sold there are diverse in colour, texture, design and material to cater for all ages and genders. There is something for everyone. It is also a way to promote locally made Kenya products and assist the producers of the items. The Market is open 9am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday on Moi Ave next to Castle Royal Hotel.

Sights from the Market:

Let’s Eat Mombasa : Bibla Fruit Parlour

Who doesn’t love a glass of scud? A popular mixture of fruit salad and ice Cream in Mombasa that is loved by many.  You can find scud at different places in Mombasa, mostly at night I different fruit parlours.

Bibla Fruit Parlour

Started in 2012, Bibla is a popular night spot for a fresh glass of scud or smoothie. Located off Jomo Kenyatta ave, they open from 5:30 to late night. The owner had passion for creating fresh juices and smoothies and making sure people have healthy options.  He uses fresh ingredients every day to ensure people get quality and fresh order of their choice. Some of the drinks they Offer are Burj Al Arab that’s the best seller and other like Noora, Burj Khalifa, Faisalia, Jumaira and Banana Smoothie. The drinks are a mixture of different fruits blended or cut in pieces to create a tasty and healthy choice. They also have Fresh juices such as Beetroot, Orange, Stafeli, Bungo and many more. Price ranges from kshs 100-200 that’s for small glass and for large glasses it’s between kshs 250 to 400.

My review:

Ambiance:  casual and ok.

Service: Fast

Waiting time: 10 Minutes

Parking:  Roadside parking

The fruit scud was fresh and the ice cream made it delicious.

Jina langu ni Aisha Datey


Your name and what do you do?

My name is Aisha Datey and I’m a part time vlogger. In normal hours, I’m a secretary/accountant.

Why did you start Vlogging?

Since I was young,  i have been watching YouTube videos and i loved the idea of people showcasing their interesting life/ what they did etc. So I thought I think I can do that too you know. Showing my vieweres what I actually do/where I go, whom I with.

What do you find most challenging about vlogging?

Finding content is probably the hardest part of vlogging. I upload weekly so I have to take something that is totally boring or not exciting  emerge that something  into exciting like this perfect little vlogging babe which hopefully you guys enjoy it. It’s challenging but enjoyable too because I have to think about what I’m going to record, or think about new ideas.

Do you receive hateful comments on your YouTube channel and how do you deal with it?

I don’t get much hateful comments but I believe they’re there to discourage you. To discourage you from doing something great as they have seen potential from my side. Those people who are writing hateful comments are already on a dark side full of sadness that is why they are trying to send the negative vibes to make you stoop to their position. You should just brush it off and continue doing whatever you’re doing. And you know what else works? Pep talk with yourself. I know it sounds cheesy but trust me it really works!

Does your family support you with your Vlogging?

My family does support me thoroughly through this journey. They would sit down with their phones each week as I upload. Which is pretty much awkward to hear my voice over and over again!

What do you want achieve from your Youtube channel?

I just want to connect with my viewers throughout my channel. People who can relate to me and what I do

There are so many different definitions of modest dress — what does it mean to you?

For me modest dress is being dressed to respected. With our current generation, we come up with different ideas eying the fashion industry. I’m glad that we have modest fashion bloggers who give us ideas on how to be trendy, fashionable and yet modest. I feel like society is appreciating the modest fashion movement because more young Muslim girls can now dress modest despite the fashion trends.

What is the misconception about Muslim women content creators that you feel should be addressed?

People tend to think we are out here selling our beauty to the world. In the actual sense we are here to share our lives, ideas, tips and so with our viewers

What legacy do want to leave behind?

I just want people to look at me and see the power of a woman in today’s world full of judgmental people

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You could give up on anything if you have to but never give up on yourself

Jammy Checks in: CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites

Mombasa is the pot of all cultures; many people from diverse backgrounds have made Mombasa their home. And with each unique culture bringing in traditions that has been adapted by Mombasa people into the daily lives. Today, many investors come to Mombasa to create experiences for the different and diverse people of Mombasa and to give opportunity for people outside to come and see Mombasa. Recently, hotel chain CityBlue Hotels acquired Creekside hotel, and is now officially CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites. A Rwanda based hotel, which is expanding rapidly, will be a great addition to the Mombasa experiences.  CityBlue Hotels started in 2013 to introduce min-scale, international quality hotel chain in sub-Saharan Africa.

The new addition, CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites is located near Nyali Bridge overlooking the Tudor Creek.  With 100 Rooms, 6 Suites, 58 Deluxe Standard Creek View and 36 Deluxe Standard Garden view, CityBlue Creekside Hotel will be an ideal accommodation for people looking for luxury on a budget. In addition, the location is ideal because it is in between Nyali and Mombasa Island making it easy to access both areas with ease.  The hotel has over 60 staff in different departments, and offers various services such as, Free Wi-Fi, Airport transfers at a cost, free breakfast and facilities including the Gym, business center and the outdoor swimming pool.

Staying at CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites

I got the opportunity to stay at CityBlue Creekside on New Year’s Eve; I arrived at 2pm and was checked-in within minutes. My room the Deluxe Standard Creek View, had an amazing view of the Nyali bridge and creek from the room balcony. The room had all room amenities, including water and drinks for sale inside a small room fridge. I settled in and relaxed while watching TV on the 40’ television strategic placed facing the bed.  At 4pm, I took a walk around the facility, I saw the gym, business center and then to the pool side where I sat and ordered orange juice from the pool side bar. The breeze and green scenery in the garden was perfect to relax and enjoy, I was completely relaxed by the time the sun was setting.  I went back to the room to prepare for the New Year’s Eve crossover party with performances by the iconic Calabash band and an exotic Mashariki versus Magharibi menu featuring all-you-can-eat world class creations from both Eastern and Western cuisines.  The dinner was at 8pm, the room had a blow-dryer and was able to ask for an iron box from housekeeping to prepare myself. An iron box is available upon request.

The set up was amazingly beautiful at the garden next to the pool, the lights creating a romantic and calming effect. The buffet was set on the side, and people queued up to be served by the smiling staff. And indeed the food was delicious as expected. The menu varied with varieties of meals from the east and west and Kenya as well, from the fish tandoori, to the Prawn and Nyama choma including tasty humus and pita bread and all the delicious deserts. Calabash band made the evening worthwhile, with the amazing vocals and greatest hits leaving you on your feet dancing song after song. I truly enjoyed the band; everyone was dancing to their rhythm. During the night, Mombasa Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir also graced the event, and gave a small speech. He discussed the tourism industry and thanking CityBlue hotels for choosing Mombasa as their first choice in entering the Kenya Hotel industry.   By Midnight everyone was on their feet dancing, waiting for the countdown to 2018. After the count down, most people started leaving but the band kept playing till about 1:30am when they closed for the night.

I woke up on January 1st; happy and relaxed, by 9:15 am I went to the restaurant to have my breakfast. They offer continental breakfast, including a staff preparing eggs at your order.  The different station tables with varieties to choose from including different baked breads, cereals and cakes. Also available was tea, milk and different juices.  I was full by the time 10 am clocked in. I strolled around the garden and then went back to my room to check-out.   I truly enjoyed ushering the New Year at CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites; it was one of a kind different experience. It was simple and organized, an experience I will cherish for a long time.

For reservation contact:

Kenya: +254 780 450454

International Reservation Contacts:

United Kingdom: +44 800 13378019 9

United States: +1 800 446 612436

For Reservation Enquiries:

Sights and Sounds CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites

Jina langu ni Solomon Zully



Your name and what do you do?

My name is Solomon Jefwa Zully, I am a Reporter, Presenter and a news Anchor at Radio Salaam and also do M. Ceeing as a side Hustle.

How did you become a Radio presenter?

Well, I have always had a passion for Radio it Goes way back to my Primary School days, I had the Urge to help highlight the plights Kenyans go through in their day to day life. After Clearing Primary School I joined Ribe Boys and was among the best students in both Kiswahili and English to me this was a step towards the right direction. I used to tell my friends that I wanted to be a Journalists ,I meet some of them today and they say “Kumbe”I was serious.!! I Thank Radio Salaam because they gave me an internship opportunity while in College,  my first time to go on air was during a sports program Hosted by J. K Makanaki lol funny thing is I knew nothing about sports so later on my current Boss Salim Cheka gave me an opportunity in his show it was a drive show which airs from 4pm to 6pm of course I was shy having come from the newsroom where I only used to write stories and features, but he encouraged me.

After sometime I was assigned the mid-morning show alongside my Colleague Sophia Abdhillahi, moved to the drive show hosted it for a year with Farouk Mwabege, moved again to the Morning show and now I do the stations political program Kongamano.  Ibrahim Mahmoud, program controller was a great mentor in who I am today.  My former colleagues Calvin Onsarigo and Asha Bekidusa showed me around the newsroom and how to become a successful radio personnel

What do you love about your career?

Touching people’s lives, Journalism is powerful  I thank God we have touched people’s lives through various initiatives on Radio. We have held authorities accountable for the benefit of the common mwananchi. Most of all, Journalism is about Educating, I have been very instrumental on highlighting matters on Devolution from 2013 to date I was even nicknamed “Governor” this shows we made an impact. Journalism is Interesting.

You have won several awards, can you tell us about them?

Yes, I have managed to get 4 awards and other recognitions I thank God for the far He has brought me. I got my First award in 2014 at the annual Journalism excellence awards I had highlighted on Issues affecting Street Children who had traveled all the way from Nairobi to Mombasa. In 2015 I got two awards one was for the best News Anchor Countrywide in the Radio Category the other award was for highlighting the ailing Tourism industry and what should be done to help the  industry grow again. I also got a recognition from the C. E. C who was in-charge of the Ministry of Tourism then in Mombasa, Hon Joab Tumbo.

In 2016 I also got another award on best governance award Radio Category for highlighting on issues about Terrorism in Mombasa.

I hope 2018 is going to be great.

You are an MC (Master of ceremony) as well, what skills help you in being a successful MC?

M.ceeing is One of the hardest jobs but it becomes easier once you understand what your client needs and the kind of event you are doing that is what I look at most lest you end up making unnecessary mistakes on your clients big day. To all M.Cs, do not press that power button on the microphone if you do not understand what is needed  of you that’s all I can say.

Are there enough resources for the youth in Mombasa to grow their different talent and skills?

Depends with how one looks at it but I believe we shouldn’t be cry babies let’s use what we have to reach the stars. Resources will never be enough for everyone. Youths need to stand up and be counted for doing something positive. Those who have talent and are stranded at home can join SwahiliPot Hub one of the best innovations hub  In Mombasa big up to Mahmoud Noor for coming up with such an idea to help the youths.

The County governments also have a ministry of Youth Gender and Sports but how many of us drop proposals for help?

Are you a member of any initiative to mentor upcoming young journalists?

Yes,  though doing it in a small way,  I am in-charge of the Internship training department at my place of work. We will soon expand it by visiting schools and talking to students who are interested in Joining the media world. Hopefully we will make an impact.

With social Media, news travel faster than print media. Do you think print media will become obsolete in the future?

Sincerely Speaking Social media has taken over means of relaying information. Sad reality is eventually the print media will have to do away with newspapers. Good thing is currently all the print media houses have gone online to keep up with the evolving nature of relaying news.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I have bigger plans God Willing I will let the Success do the talking then.

Parting shot.

Journalism is a calling, if you are getting into Journalism for money or fame find something else to do.


Swahilipot Hub

Swahilipot Hub is a community initiative which focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas and art through networking, technical training, support, professional mentoring and coaching. It brings together the tech community and artists of all calibers, techpreneurs, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors and donors and provides them an opportunity to share knowledge, learn, find mentors and expound on tech ideas that will lead to the development of new technologies in Kenya and globally at large. Also as a community based organizations the main purpose being to build a collaborative innovation ecosystem in Mombasa that will facilitate increased learning, interaction and innovation in Technology and Arts environments.

The main objectives are:

* To create and promote a conducive environment for all community members to learn, share, explore, experiment, and build sustainable and income-generating solutions.

* To encourage cooperation and interaction between Entities with similar interests, both within and outside Mombasa (Coastal Region at large). Such Entities may be affiliated to the Group without fee;

* Generally to advance Arts and Technology initiatives within the scope of the Group.

The desired result is to be able to provide a working area for community members with high speed Internet that can be used to propel innovations by the youth, host theatrical activities at the Amphitheater, host events by local and non-local groups of which some of those events will generate income for the group so as to be self-sustaining.

Swahilipot Hub is composed of members who are current residents of the Coastal region who are interested in being part of an innovative community.

Among the partners of the group include; The ICT Authority, SEACOM Kenya, National Museum of Kenya and CISCO. These enable the group at the moment to meet their demands in equipping their facilities in order to provide the services much desired by the community.

The Executive team of the group is made up of 7 officers whose deputies are individuals from different Art and Tech groups who are also students in higher education institutions within the Coast region.

The team members are:

  • Co- Chairpersons: Fatma Mkwariza
  • Programme Director: Husniya Dweran
  • Marketing Director: Stephanie Maseki
  • Technical Director: Britone Mwasaru
  • Legal Director: Asma Al-Amin
  • Community Director: Francis Ikoha
  • Senior Administrator: Paul Akwabi

Membership kes 500 / 6 Months or kes 1000/1 year.

For More Details email:


ICT CS Joe Mucheru visits Swahilipot Hub August 2016.

Mombasa Butterfly House


Located in the grounds of Fort Jesus, Mombasa Butterfly house is a Butterfly conservatory housing different species of Butterflies. The quiet, the greenery inside, the flowers and the gentle movement of the butterflies give a welcome sense of tranquility and harmony. The serene and butterfly paradise is an ideal place for various activities, including photoshoots, video filming and picnics.  Mombasa Butterfly House gives you an opportunity to see butterflies in natural environment designed to give the freedom to fly around.

Inside the butterfly house, you are able to see different species of butterflies, there over 300 species of butterfly in the Kenya Coastal region. Pupa is purchased from different community groups from different sites such as Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Shimba Hills, the Mangrove Forests and the Mjikenda Kaya Forests. An initiative to assist local farmers in the region, and improve their livelihood.

Mombasa Butterfly House offers different services including:

School Visits

Schools can visit with students, and learn about butterflies. Experienced and knowledgeable staff will take the children through various stages of the butterfly, and the facility.  Picnics are also allowed. A


Capture beautiful memories, the lush green landscape is great for photoshoots and video filming. Including wedding ceremonies where a butterfly is released to create a beautiful and memorable moment.

Gift Shop

The Mombasa Butterfly House gift shop stocks products from community conservation and welfare groups in the region. The products are sustainably produced through reduce, reuse and re-cycle, which are eco-friendly to the environment. Products include, clothing, Honey, oils, soaps and etc. All the proceeding goes to the various conservation communities.

Below is a list of charges.

Visitor Category                Charge

Non-Resident Adult        500.00

Non-Resident Child         250.00

EA Resident Adult            200.00

EA Resident Child             100.00

Kenya Citizen Adult         100.00

Kenya Citizen Child          50.00

The opening hours is from 8:30 am to 5:30 daily, for further details contact 0719874472. The best time to see the butterflies is early in the morning, when they are very active. Mombasa Butterfly house is ideal for the perfect picnic, a calming afternoon after a stressful meeting or just to capture the beautiful butterflies.  To reserve the venue email: or:


For further details – check their website – Mombasa Butterfly House