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Swahilipot Hub

Swahilipot Hub is a community initiative which focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas and art through networking, technical training, support, professional mentoring and coaching. It brings together the tech community and artists of all calibers, techpreneurs, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors and donors and provides them an opportunity to share knowledge, learn, find mentors and expound on tech ideas that will lead to the development of new technologies in Kenya and globally at large. Also as a community based organizations the main purpose being to build a collaborative innovation ecosystem in Mombasa that will facilitate increased learning, interaction and innovation in Technology and Arts environments.

The main objectives are:

* To create and promote a conducive environment for all community members to learn, share, explore, experiment, and build sustainable and income-generating solutions.

* To encourage cooperation and interaction between Entities with similar interests, both within and outside Mombasa (Coastal Region at large). Such Entities may be affiliated to the Group without fee;

* Generally to advance Arts and Technology initiatives within the scope of the Group.

The desired result is to be able to provide a working area for community members with high speed Internet that can be used to propel innovations by the youth, host theatrical activities at the Amphitheater, host events by local and non-local groups of which some of those events will generate income for the group so as to be self-sustaining.

Swahilipot Hub is composed of members who are current residents of the Coastal region who are interested in being part of an innovative community.

Among the partners of the group include; The ICT Authority, SEACOM Kenya, National Museum of Kenya and CISCO. These enable the group at the moment to meet their demands in equipping their facilities in order to provide the services much desired by the community.

The Executive team of the group is made up of 7 officers whose deputies are individuals from different Art and Tech groups who are also students in higher education institutions within the Coast region.

The team members are:

  • Co- Chairpersons: Fatma Mkwariza
  • Programme Director: Husniya Dweran
  • Marketing Director: Stephanie Maseki
  • Technical Director: Britone Mwasaru
  • Legal Director: Asma Al-Amin
  • Community Director: Francis Ikoha
  • Senior Administrator: Paul Akwabi

Membership kes 500 / 6 Months or kes 1000/1 year.

For More Details email:


ICT CS Joe Mucheru visits Swahilipot Hub August 2016.

Mombasa Butterfly House


Located in the grounds of Fort Jesus, Mombasa Butterfly house is a Butterfly conservatory housing different species of Butterflies. The quiet, the greenery inside, the flowers and the gentle movement of the butterflies give a welcome sense of tranquility and harmony. The serene and butterfly paradise is an ideal place for various activities, including photoshoots, video filming and picnics.  Mombasa Butterfly House gives you an opportunity to see butterflies in natural environment designed to give the freedom to fly around.

Inside the butterfly house, you are able to see different species of butterflies, there over 300 species of butterfly in the Kenya Coastal region. Pupa is purchased from different community groups from different sites such as Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Shimba Hills, the Mangrove Forests and the Mjikenda Kaya Forests. An initiative to assist local farmers in the region, and improve their livelihood.

Mombasa Butterfly House offers different services including:

School Visits

Schools can visit with students, and learn about butterflies. Experienced and knowledgeable staff will take the children through various stages of the butterfly, and the facility.  Picnics are also allowed. A


Capture beautiful memories, the lush green landscape is great for photoshoots and video filming. Including wedding ceremonies where a butterfly is released to create a beautiful and memorable moment.

Gift Shop

The Mombasa Butterfly House gift shop stocks products from community conservation and welfare groups in the region. The products are sustainably produced through reduce, reuse and re-cycle, which are eco-friendly to the environment. Products include, clothing, Honey, oils, soaps and etc. All the proceeding goes to the various conservation communities.

Below is a list of charges.

Visitor Category                Charge

Non-Resident Adult        500.00

Non-Resident Child         250.00

EA Resident Adult            200.00

EA Resident Child             100.00

Kenya Citizen Adult         100.00

Kenya Citizen Child          50.00

The opening hours is from 8:30 am to 5:30 daily, for further details contact 0719874472. The best time to see the butterflies is early in the morning, when they are very active. Mombasa Butterfly house is ideal for the perfect picnic, a calming afternoon after a stressful meeting or just to capture the beautiful butterflies.  To reserve the venue email: or:


For further details – check their website – Mombasa Butterfly House


Moments with Nadia Naddy

A small talk with Fierce Blogger – Nadia Naddy. Check her blog: Fierce Naddy

Nadia Naddy is a fierce young Kenyan lady of many talents. Being from a culture that is not used to having women being fierce, outspoken and standing firm to what they believe in, she believes that ‘ A Fierce Attitude is all what a Woman needs,’ to tackle anything. She is currently taking up her MA in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy in Germany. In addition to that, She is a Global Communication Specialist, Lifestyle and Inspirational Blogger and an Active Female Empowerment Activist.


Jammy Checks in: Sun Africa Beach Resort

Picture yourself waking up in the morning and seeing the beach from your bed, the serenity and peaceful sun dancing in the horizon as the clouds clear out for the day. A stay at Sun Africa Beach Resort will give you just that, luxury stay on a private beach property. Located in Nyali near Nyali Barracks, Sun Africa Beach Resort offers tranquility and serenity.  With only 18 rooms, Sun Africa provides privacy and excellence. There are 6 deluxe rooms, 4 king sea view suites, 4 executive rooms and 4 executive sea view suites. With over 25 staff at the resort serving you, you will receive exclusive and exceptional service. They opened 2 years ago, creating a beach front hotel that has excellent views and privacy. The hotel is set around an Arabian theme, from the architectural to some of the furniture. The hotel offers conference facilities, one conference hall holds up to 20 people and the a larger one holds up to 50 people.

I had the opportunity to stay at Sun Africa for a weekend, to relax and experience Sun Africa Beach Resort.

Staying at Sun Africa Beach Resort

From the beautiful green lush gardens to the sea viewing rooms, Sun Africa offered an ultimate relaxing holiday.  I checked in at noon on a weekend, I was welcomed with a glass of cold juice.  After checking in formalities, I was taken to my executive sea-view room. The room had a king size bed, with a small couch on the side and a small TV with basic channels. The ensuite room comes with a large bathroom and walk-in closet with ample spaces for cloths and personal items. A stocked mini fridge is tucked in the corner with an Expresso machine on top of it with varieties of tea and coffee sachets to your preference.  In the walk-in closet, you can find an iron and an iron board; also you will find a digital safe deposit locker to keep your valuable items safe.  The rain shower in the bathroom was one of my highlights of my stay, the endless running water from the ceiling. The bathroom was well furnished with different amenities, including shampoos, body wash, shower cap, sewing kit, shoe shine and other grooming essentials. A bathroom scale and a dual speed hair dryer were also provided. The bed was strategically placed that you can view the beach right from your bed, giving you a great sunrise view in the morning.


After familiarizing with the room, I went for lunch at the garden overlooking the beach area where I ordered pan-fried supreme chicken breast served with mushroom sauce and some fresh juice.  The meal was well cooked, tasty and fulfilling. The view made it all worthwhile. Every day they have full course specials that you can choose from, with varieties of entrees to sample. The meals are prepared as per your order.  After the lunch, I took a small tour of the hotel. The hotel has an infinity pool that is also sea view, with several seating areas and day beds around the pool. You will also find a sauna and steam room near the fitness center. I took a tour of the interior of the hotel; all the three floors had varieties of seating spaces. You can read a book or use their Wi-Fi at the different seating lounges, each designed to give you total relaxation and comfort. After the tour, I retreat to my room for an afternoon nap as I let the windows open letting the sea breeze sway me into a peaceful sleep.  I woke up right in time for sunset, I decided to talk a walk at the beach, great way to refresh after the power nap. Nothing rejuvenates your soul like walking bare feet at the beach, the soft sand, the sun setting at the end of the day. It was refreshing.


The beach walk helped feel relaxed and famished, by 7 p.m. I was ready for dinner. I walked to the dining area and made my order for dinner. After my dinner, I retreated to my room where I watched TV then fell asleep. I set an alarm to view the sunrise; I was torn between watching from the bed or going to the beach. I decided to walk to the beach and view the sunrise, the morning sun was beautiful and mesmerizing. The sun beaming from the clouds as it was rising from the horizon. It was magical and beautiful.  After that I went back to freshen up and went to have breakfast before my check out. The breakfast had wide varieties, from cereals to French toast and pancakes. You can also order a any type of eggs, including Spanish, scrambled, sunny side up or poached, which is served with bacon, sausage, creamed spinach, baked beans or sautéed potatoes. You can order a choice of fresh juice or hot steamy tea to accompany your breakfast. I was sad for leaving the beautiful Sun Africa Beach Resort, but I was thankful to be able to relax for a weekend. The most important aspect about Sun Africa Beach resort is the tranquility and luxury that they offer, including privacy on beach front property. All the staff were friendly, assuring my stay was perfect and worthwhile. It was a great experience to stay at Sun Africa Beach Resort.

For more details

SUN AFRICA BEACH RESORT | Nyali | Mombasa | Kenya | Tel: + 254 703 048 500|

Twitter: @Sunafricabeachr
SUN AFRICA HOTELS | School Grove | Off School Lane | Austen Place-Westlands | Nairobi-Kenya|

Jina Langu ni Ahmed Al-Amin Ahmed

Your name and what do you do?

Ahmed Al-Amin Ahmed also known as Papaa; I am currently the Ward Administrator for Majengo ward in Mombasa County

What is the Job description of Ward administrator?

To supervise, Coordinate and manage the general administrative functions in the ward unit including; to ensure efficient delivery of services to Mwananchi and to ensure public participation on plans regarding developments in the ward unit.

You got into politics at an early age, running for MCA 2013. Why did you decide to join politics?

Being a developmental oriented young man in my community, I was, in 23rd May 2011, elected as the youth representative for Mwembe Tayari ward into the National Youth Council of Kenya. This position opened up more opportunities for me to work and serve my community on developmental issues both socially and economically. This then raised a lot of public demand from the community that by 2013 saw me vying for the Member of County Assembly seat representative for Majengo/Mwembe Tayari ward. It wasn’t an easy position to run for; I had to sacrifice a lot in my life as a young man who still was a student at Moi University.

Who inspires you?

My best inspiration alive to date is my Father. He is a leader naturally born and always a person with great principles.

You were born and bred in old town; a lot of youth get into drugs. What do you think needs to be done to help them?

As an ‘old towner’ I am deeply concerned by the rates of young boys getting into drug addiction at a very early age of 12-18 years. Personally I had volunteered my two years at Reachout Centre Trust, an organization dealing with anti-drugs programs and Harm reduction projects, that see lots of drug users being treated and being given psycho-social support and therapies to keep them off addiction. I have gone deep into the drug dens (like Magodawni, Magodoroni and Maboxini) to socialize and interact with drug users on a personal level and even making referrals to those who are infected with TB and HIV/AIDS but do not go for treatment and medication.

As a professional social worker, my vast experience dealing with drug users, made me realize that Drug addiction is a global issue that needs a wholesome inclusiveness of each and everyone in the community. It starts at home with proper parental guidance and moves out to the community on maintaining a healthy and a conducive environment free from unlawful drugs and then the law enforcers to deal with drug traffickers.

Do you think there are enough resources for young entrepreneurs in Mombasa?

Thanks to the new constitution of Kenya for bringing Devolution into our great Nation. Resources, service delivery and citizen participation has been brought to the grassroots of the country, Mwananchi is closer to the resources than ever in Kenya. Talking of resources I mean opportunities here for all, youth have been given priority to Government Tenders through AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities), in Mombasa you just need to visit your Youth department for Enquiries and assistance; youth have access to the County Revolving Funds, in Mombasa you just need to visit your Ward Administrator’s office or YGS office for the Application forms; UWEZO funds, youths in Mombasa need to visit their Member of Parliament’s office for enquiries and application forms; Young Women have the opportunity of NGAAF (National Government Affirmative Action Fund), you need to visit your area Women representative office for the application forms; Young Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity of YEDF (Youth Enterprise Development Funds), in Mombasa visit Bima Tower for enquiry of the funds and Lastly Young Women Entrepreneurs have WEF (Women Enterprise Funds) also visit Bima tower for enquiry of the funds and more.

So young entrepreneurs wake up there’s no time to slumber.

Art in Mombasa is still emerging, but currently there isn’t enough spaces for youth to grow their Art. What can we do as residents of Mombasa to support upcoming artist? 

I love what Swahili pot hub is doing, that is an amazing initiative for the youths in Mombasa. A centre for realizing talents and exploring talents for Young Turks is all we need in Mombasa County. I even acknowledge HAKI Africa for it’s eye-opening Amani Mashinani Youth Initiative (AMYI) for youth to learn and explore outside opportunities through youth engagement activities. I even acknowledge the office of Mvita Member of Parliament for partnering with various stakeholders in ensuring talents and skills are being sponsored for through Skills Mitaani Project. The county government of Mombasa however through the Department of Youth Gender and Sports have built 7 aside football fields for residents and more to be built, and again through the department of tourism and Culture, the county Government of Mombasa has promoted culture and art through cultural festivals.

With all these initiatives, residents of Mombasa should be willing to engage their children into such opportunities.

What advice would you give to the youth of today?

Stay focused, be yourself and work smart!

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

In shaa Allah I see myself serving my people on a higher position from what I am now.

Parting shot

Allah above all

Mombasa Photographers Hub Instameet

Instagram is one of the biggest social media app used to share photos, the app is great tool to share your photos with others. Over the years, photo enthusiasts have started InstaMeets, a way of meeting other photographers. The Instameet is a great opportunity to share tips and tricks with other photographers in the area, and an excuse to get out and explore someplace new.

On October 1st a group of Photographers in Mombasa met for The Mombasa Instameet, the first ever Instameet in Mombasa hosted by Mombasa Photographers Hub. The main theme of the Meet up was to promote Mombasa History, Culture and Architecture. The hashtag used to share the pictures #Insta001 #mbsaphotohub #mombasainstameet, check the beautiful photos through different photographers.

Below are some samples:

Habel Lenga– Instagram @Lenga_



Jacob Mohamed– Instagram @quareysmatic_photography 



Tim Wainaina- Instagram @crystalpicturesphotography



Tommie Ominde – Instagram @tommie_o69



Murad Swaleh– Instagram @MuradSwaleh

The Mombasa IG Tour

A day has 24 hours and in those hours we spend half of it sleeping, but imagine the possibility you can do with 24 hours in a different city.  Life in Mombasa in collaboration with Turnup.Travel organized a 48 hour/24hour trip to showcase the best of Mombasa – attractions, activities, food and beverages, heritage and culture, history of architecture among other things with a group of 50 Kenya’s top photographers, filmmakers, bloggers and journalists from Nairobi and Mombasa. The trip kicked off in Nairobi on September 1 onboard Madaraka Express with a full day tour of Mombasa on Saturday 2nd.

Friday:  Guests arrived from Nairobi at 2 pm and headed to Meat N’Herb for lunch, then proceeded to Makwetu Villas to check in. After relaxing a bit, the guest proceeded to Serena Beach Resort and spa where they learnt about the sea turtle conservation project at Serena, and had a tour of Little Lamu and ended with a dinner.

Saturday – We woke up early morning to catch the sunrise at Nyali public beach; we left Makwetu villas at 5:45 am and walked to the public beach. We got there right in time as the sun was rising, the magical ball of fiery sun coming out of the clouds. The sight was beautiful and mesmerizing; we watched it rise as we tried different ways to capture magical moment.  After the sunrise we proceeded to old town courtesy of Uber for breakfast at Jahazi Coffee House. The Mombasa IG tour crew had a chance to sample different Swahili breakfast delicacies. Including Viazi vya karai, Bhajiya, Samosas and best combination of Mbaazi ya nazi with Mahamri. We enjoyed the tasty and scrumptious breakfast, it gave a chance for others to try a Swahili breakfast that is different from what they are used to.

Everyone was full from the breakfast, we then continued with the tour to Fort Jesus. A tour guide took us round the Fort giving details of the History that is behind the Fort. All the historic facts and information, he was well informed. We walked around in groups as people asked questions to understand the history. The tour also included a walk around old town which holds a lot of historic building with significance in Kenya, such as the first hotel in Kenya, the first police station and etc. The old town tour also included the Fish market, where some of the group members got a chance to see fresh fish being prepared for sale.  Photographers got a chance to capture the unique old town features and the buildings and also the vibrant coastal culture.

The tour got us tired and hungry, which was right on time for lunch. We continued to Forodhani Restaurant near the old port for some Biriyani. We took the entire first floor since we were about 50 people. The restaurant set up a buffet style where we chose Biriyani with either chicken or beef curry. The Biriyani was accompanied with a glass of passion juice or tamarind, a true coastal tradition giving the guest taste of a Mombasa culture. The location of the restaurant is on the sea side, giving you a view of the ocean making you feeling relaxed after a heavy lunch. After Lunch the group had a few hours to do different activities including a trip to Wild Waters. Other people went back to Makwetu Villas to relax before our next itinerary which was the sunset cruise at La Marina Mtwapa.

Nothing is magical like taking a sunset cruise in the coast; it is one of the magical experiences one must go through in this life.  At around 5:30 we took a dhow cruise through the Mtwapa creek as the sun was setting, the fiery red sun setting behind the magical canvas of dancing coconut trees. It was magical. We had entertainment on board; everyone was enjoying the breeze and cool music setting the end of day mood. After the sun had set, the acrobats performed their different acts to all on board the dhow cruise. Each act was funny and entertaining. As we returned to the restaurant, at around 7 pm, we were welcomed with the staff for a nice dinner.  We were offered a buffet dinner, including some Nyama choma and a nice Black Forest cake for dessert. After the dinner most people went back to the villa while other proceeded to sample the Mombasa Nightlife visiting the different clubs to experience the entertainment.

The 48 hours/24 hours experience was a success, everyone enjoyed. The guest from Nairobi and locals from Mombasa, it helped creatives interact and also network. To view all photos- check the hashtag: #MombasaIGTour to see different creative’s point of view of the trip including pictures.

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