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Beauty beyond skin colour is a fashion event aimed at bringing together people living with albinism, encouraging positive outlook of people living with albinism, breaking the standards of beauty in the Kenyan fashion industry and embracing how God chose to create them.
For long people with Albinism (PWA) have been marginalized, looked down upon as not ‘beautiful’ and their lives have been put in danger with traditional beliefs that their body parts make good potions. PWA are looked down upon as persons who can not  accomplish simple tasks hence loosing lots of job opportunities yet they are capable of doing what the rest of the general population can. PWA have great minds and talents.
Most of the PWA live in absolute poverty because of being unemployed and even when they try self employment only a few people are willing to support them. We want to raise awareness that albinism is not a disease and that it’s not transmitted by coming into contact with PWA .We want to create platform where people with albinism can express themselves and the general population can be able to embrace them. Most PWA are killed after birth or abandoned at children’s home because their parents fear victimization from the community. A bigger percentage is also raised by single mothers because their fathers abandoned them immediately after birth. We ‘beauty beyond skin colour’ want to show the African community that PWA can be beautiful just as the rest of the population and it is just another kind of normal.
Beauty beyond skin colour is aimed at creating a long term job opportunities for  PWA that is through fashion events, promotional job and making them brand ambassadors of various cloth line brands. Once we give a platform of a few PWA, it sure we will build their self esteem and the rest of their friends will have people to look upon. In addition, their voices will be the voice of other PWA. The event is also aimed at helping PWA easily access medication and sunscreen lotions. Some of the revenue raised from the event will be allocated to PWA organization. Studies show that in Africa, 2 of every 2000 people are living with albinism. Research predicts a life span of 30 years among the aforementioned individuals. However with proper health care, their lifespan of is the same as the general population. It is amazing that meeting a simple need such as providing sunscreen lotion or proper clothing can boost their Lifespan, and that’s our goal, to help them live longer.

We want to show the community that there is more beyond skin colour. Models are the last thing people thought PWA would be yet they make gorgeous ones. Thankfully, the world’s idea of beauty is shifting for better. Our eyes have been to a new world of the ‘THE BEAUTY  OF ALBINO MODELS’




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