Mombasa_Eats: When the Gods of flavour dragged us to Flames Deli and Grill

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Our first event was an invitation to Flames Deli and Grill situated on the 2nd floor of City Mall, Mombasa. After successfully gaining a good number of followers, we were invited for a social meet and greet with other Mombasa Instagram bloggers and influencers. This was the first time such an event was held in Mombasa.

Following introductions, we all got talking and discussing on our journeys that lead us to where we are today and one thing that was common and connected us was none other than FOOD!  We got to choose our own drinks and food was served family style. We were offered the following dishes:

  1. Buffalo wings tossed in their signature barbeque sauce
  2. Classic bruschetta with balsamic glaze
  3. Mouthwatering dynamite prawns
  4. A trio of mini signature burgers
  5. Mango feta salad
  6. Onion rings
  7. Spicy Calamari
  8. Peri-peri fries
  9. French fries with rosemary
  10. Strawberry lemonade

The menu is very interesting and caters for all. Although it is famous for its juicy burgers, it also has a good option of vegetarian dishes too and they can always adjust a dish and whip it up to your liking.

I have to say, each dish was prepared to perfection and everything looked enticing and definitely mouth watering.  Although all dishes were excellent, my personal favourite was the dynamite prawns. It just blew my mind! Now I could go on and tempt you more, but I guess the picture posts on our Instagram page are more than enough to make you drool.

Flames Deli and grill is a place definitely worth trying out and you will not be disappointed!

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