Mombasa_Eats: From boring snacks to insta snaps

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Instagram is flooded and is still flooding with food photography and who doesn’t follow at least one of those pages?!

It has become a norm now to show off one’s meal and trust me this definitely causes major envy and food cravings. Food photography is tricky and requires lots of shots from various angles so you have to be ready to let your food get a little cold in order to get that perfect Instagram snap and you know what? it’s worth it!

Instagram has great settings and filters that you can play around with to make your food pics a little more pleasing to the eyes. Here are a few tips from us so you can begin to hashtag mombasa_eats.

  1. AVOID flash photography

Candle light dinners are so romantic and pretty but when it comes to posting your food pic, it’s not all that pretty! In such circumstances, do not use flash! Ask your friends to turn on their phone torches and take a couple of shots from different angles to get that perfect picture.  As you can see here, this is a clear-cut No-No.


  1. Click BEFORE you devour

Untouched food looks better most of the times rather than when you’ve already started your meal. If you don’t agree with this, you can always take a before and after shot then make your decision.


  1. Different angles

I have a rule of taking a number of snaps from different angles. Close-up (zoom), far and aerial is my mantra.  This gives me more options to choose from. I sometimes also ask the person opposite me to take a snap or two from their side. Trust me, it makes a difference.

  1. Saturation setting is bae (before anything else)

I personally love this setting Instagram has to offer as it can boost the colour of your pictures.me3me4


  1. Try out filters BEFORE you decide to edit it further

Some pictures look amazing when filters are added but please don’t overuse as it could look obvious that you’ve worked on it.

  1. Natural light is your best friend

Sitting out in the open where natural light bounces is the best lighting you can ask for. This way you will have to work less on adjusting the brightness, contrast or warmth before you post.


  1. Use the camera gridlines

Gridlines help you to see whether your picture is aligned well or not. You also get to clearly see what you’re focusing on and choosing to include in your picture.

  1. Focus is key

When using the camera on your phone, make sure you tap on the screen so the camera focuses on the dish. Ensure that the background is blurry so that all focus in only on the dish you wish to post.

  1. Manual adjustment

I personally prefer manually adjusting the pictures using the various settings Instagram has to offer as that brings out the best results and more so natural looking.

  1. Apps

There are lots of apps that can help enhance your pics but just make sure you don’t go overboard and make it look unreal.

  1. Make use of the view

If you’re seated in front of an awesome view, then definitely make use of it!



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