Mombasa_Eats: Instagramming your food makes it taste better

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Instagram is THE lair for food posts. Just log in to Instagram and search and you will have access to millions of meals shared. Every single post you see out there required meticulous planning i.e. good lighting, saturation, angle of placement etc. to obtain a great snapshot before that Share button was actually clicked on.

When we go out for a meal, we are slobbery from the moment we place our order and in anticipation, we begin to picture what our food is going to look like, taste like and the aroma as well. We have basically created a mental picture and set our bar high and that is what we expect.  Some foods literally blow our mind and this is one of the reasons why people have a tendency to take pictures so that you can capture the experience before it’s gone.

After capturing comes sharing and well that’s where Instagram comes in. A picture speaks a thousand words and that is what we are aiming for because it is hard to express that feeling and taste so the easiest way is to share the visual representation which would then automatically make one comprehend that that is something delectable. Each experience is different no matter how many times you opt for the same food so if it’s the best you’ve had, then Instagram it by all means.

There are lots of devotees out there who love to snap before they eat and while it may seem fanatical, they are actually on to something and that is it makes our food taste better. Sounds weird but it is a scientific fact. Three studies involving 120 participants were carried out by researchers from University of San Diego and Saint Joseph’s University. The first study involved Instagramming red velvet cake, the second fruit salad and the third healthy bites.

The results were strong when it came to Indulgent foods such as the red velvet. It was noticed that those who posted a picture of the red velvet enjoyed it more than those who didn’t. Participants were also made aware that the others were enjoying their healthy bites and those that thought healthy eating is a good thing, essentially craved for such foods too.

Basically the concept of “momentary active delay in consumption” is what makes it more pleasurable and savoring thus making the whole experience enjoyable. The same applies for healthy foods. Simply search for such snaps and this will not only inspire you but also trick your brain into trying and actually accepting it as true. Instagramming the picture is therefore one way of delayed consumption.

So dear friends, the next time you go for a meal, try posting your meal on social media and notice how you appreciate every bite that you take after that.

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