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When classy meets fine dining, you find Meat’N’Herb. Meat’N’Herb is located on Links Plaza on Links Road Nyali. They welcome you with modern and classy ambience, the warm colour theme giving you warm feeling as you settle into your seat. You can chose to seat outside and enjoy the breeze or inside in the air-con and enjoy the cool air. Their menu ranges from Pepper steak to pizzas and burgers. They have also wide variety of drinks, including Mocktails and Milkshakes.

My review:

Ambiance: Modern and classy

Service: Average

Waiting time: 10- 15 minutes

Parking:  Available

Toilet: Available

Burger and Pizza— the margarita pizza was just the right size to leave you satisfied. The thin crust and cheese was perfect combination to keep your mouth watering. The burger was juicy and tender with the freshly made buns was a perfect combo with a glass of Oreo Milkshake.

Dessert – The Italian Cassata was the climax of the meal. It was sweet and delicious.

For a quiet lunch or dinner, Meat’N’Herb is a good choice, the meals are delicious and tasty. The menu has variety of different meals to choose from making it great to go with a big group giving you more options to try. The ambiance and setting is calming and pleasant, it was well done and thought through to give people a beautiful fine dine experience.

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