Maakulati: Cupcakes at Mnkafé

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Nothing makes everything ok like a good cupcake, the soft cake, the sweet swirls of cream all coming together to give burst of sunshine inside your mouth. It makes your day better.

Mnkafé has been in operation since 2012, they serve anything you would need in an upscale café. I was craving for some cupcakes and they have one of the best cupcakes in Mombasa. The cupcakes come in different flavours and designs, including red velvet, vanilla and even vegan cupcakes.  Here is my review when I went to buy the afterNine cupcake.

Ambiance: Upscale and chic
Service: Fast
Waiting time: 10- 15 minutes
Toilet: Available
Parking:  Available
Cupcakes- 150-200
Types of Cupcakes:

Go Nuts
Ferrero Rocher
Red Velvet
Red Velvet Oreo
Chocolate Oreo
Vanilla Oreo
Dark chocolate Vegan
Black forest
Seasalt caramel

Each cupcake has different and unique taste, depending on your sweet tooth. You can buy one cupcake or in dozens. It was truly one of the best cupcakes in Mombasa. I enjoyed the freshly baked AfterNine cupcake.

Cupcakes at Mnkafé

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