Mombasa Butterfly House

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Located in the grounds of Fort Jesus, Mombasa Butterfly house is a Butterfly conservatory housing different species of Butterflies.  Pupa is purchased from different community groups from different sites such as Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Shimba Hills, the Mangrove Forests and the Mjikenda Kaya Forests.

Inside the butterfly house, you are able to see different species of butterflies.  Even though the life span of a butterfly is two weeks, the ever transforming caterpillar emerges with beautiful wings to become a stunning butterfly.

With a beautiful green scenic setting, Mombasa butterfly house is a excellent location for wedding photoshoots. Also a great place to take children, and family to enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

For further details – check their website – Mombasa Butterfly House

I had a chance to visit with other photographers, below are some photos from my collection.

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