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Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I last blogged because I decided to escape.

Now a lot of you will think Escape?

I’ll say you read that right!

Earlier this year I took a trip to the UK and whilst I was there, Instagram introduced the “INSTA STORY”. Now majority of you know what that is but for those who don’t, Insta story allows you to take pictures or record any moment you desire and this lasts 24 hours on your story.

I decided to take advantage of this new feature and share snaps of the various delicacies I got to enjoy and with that came the idea of expanding my Mombasa Eats Escapes (#mombasaeatsescapes) segment which will feature foods other than what we have in Mombasa. Thursdays are for throwbacks therefore I have decided to post some drool worthy throwbacks of foods that were just oh so good!

The following is my #ukfooddiary. The focus of today is everyone’s favourite- DESSERTS! YOU CAN LITERALLY FLIP THROUGH MY DIARY

(Don’t believe me? Try it out.)

PS: Now I know this diverts from the main objective- Mombasa foods, it is however just to share and broaden our horizons. The world of gastronomy is deep like the ocean. There is so much out there that we all need to experience at least once and I really hope that this inspires our local restaurant/café owners to experiment or give it a go and eventually introduce a variety of foods and flavours other than what we are used to.

So keep your eyes open and mouth closed because it is drool worthy!


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