Mombasa_Eats: Mombasa’s Top 5 traditional tea-time snacks

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There is no doubt that when it comes to food, Mombasa is as rich as its history and culture. For decades, the recipes to these traditional foods have been passed down generations and further enhanced the experience of being in our Coastal city.

Many of our local residents have an addiction to tea. We love our tea and we cannot just down it alone! Some foods pair well with a hot cup of tea and the following definitely make the cut. Here are our Swahili treats for you to try if you haven’t already:


  1. Kaimati/Kalimati



These airy golden yet crunchy dumplings are tossed in saffron sugar syrup making them one of the top most indulging treats. Enjoy them while they are still fresh and hot!

  1. Mkate Sinia




Mkate sinia is a traditional moist cake that has a balance of flavours just right to make it enjoyable. It has a hint of sweetness as well the aromatic and unique taste of cardamom, also not forgetting that end taste of coconut milk too. Mix it all together with some few other ingredients and Voila… a heavenly cake!


  1. Vitumbua



Vitumbua is a dupe of a donut. The exterior is to some extent crispy while the inside is soft, moist and fluffy thus making it just melt in your mouth and all the more enjoyable.

  1. Vibibi


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Vibibi are the swahili take on pancakes. They are slightly more dense however just as enjoyable as the other dishes. The proportion of sweetness in each snack is different yet just precise to give each dish its own unique taste. Vibibi are lightly covered in coconut sauce to give it that extra rich coconut taste and a little more oomph.

  1. Mkate wa Mayai (Bread made with eggs)



This, as the name suggests, is a light sponge cake with once again a hint or cardamom blended into the mixture to bring out its own unique flavour. Fewer ingredients are used as compared to Mkate Sinia and it is quicker to make. In terms of taste, this reminds me of a pound cake.


Two definite ingredients that you are likely to find in the making of the above dishes are Coconut milk and Cardamom. Their pairing takes taste to a whole new level. There are various street vendors you can buy them from or locals taking special orders. If you have not tried these, you have no idea what you are missing.

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