Nature at Butterfly Pavilion

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Nature at Butterfly Pavilion

This project was started in 1998 as part of rehabilitation process. Since many butterflies had been lost due to forest destruction as a result of the mining process, there was need to restore degraded ecosystems to promote recovery of displaced butterfly species. The pavilion is home to more than 16 species of butterfly. There are daily guided tours offered to the Butterfly Pavilion and the Butterfly Breeding House. LAFARGE.CO.KE

But Butterflies are not the only habitats at the Pavilion; several other species live at the sanctuary. The pavilion has a pond with Catfish and other fish species. In addition, Weaver birds have created a community as well among the trees.

Take a day off and just go walk around the pavilion and observe all the habitats of the Pavilion, you will be surprised with what you may find living there. Entrance is only kshs 250.

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