People of Old Town: Stambuli Abdillahi Nassir

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Born on 1st May 1957 in Kuze, Old Town area of Mombasa, Stambuli Abdillahi Nassir grew up in a well established Swahili family of scholars, poets and men of religion.

His father and uncles were influential people of their community. His father Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir was a one-time member of the legislative council of Kenya and was one of the delegates to the Constitutional Conference held at Lancaster House, London.
His uncle Ustadh Ahmad Nassir Juma Bhalo better known as ‘ Malenga wa Mvita ‘ is the most famous renowned Swahili poet. His other uncle, the late Mohamad Khamis Juma Bhalo was a popular taarab muscian. ¬†One of his other uncle Mwalimu Abdilatif Abdalla ( the first political prisoner after Kenya gained her independence ) was politically active in the opposition KPU ( Kenya People’s Union ) during the 1960’s.
Stambuli is articulate, passionate and a naturally gifted orator who is well versed in Socio – political affairs, History, Geo – political issues, consultancy services, arts and research. He exhorts his people to cast off shackles of mental slavery by seeking knowledge.
To his admirers he is a courageous advocate for the rights of the Swahili minority and those of his fellow country men at large.
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