Maakulati: Recoda- A taste of Mombasa

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Recoda, Located in the heart of Mombasa is an iconic restaurant which provides excellent Swahili dishes of mshkaki (kebab), grilled chicken and snacks. The outdoor setting gives you a chance to enjoy your meal while enjoying the night scene in Mombasa by the Tusks.  The aroma from the meal being cooked in charcoal gives your stomach a taste of what will make you appreciate the little things in life. Eight tables of eight seats are arranged to allow large families to enjoy the ambiance. The waiters are always ready to assist you.

Recoda run by Mohamed, passed on by generation moved from Old town to Moi Avenue to give easy access to other residents of Mombasa to enjoy their meals.  The chicken tikka breast marinated in pilipili sauce and grilled will keep your mouth salivating for days, combined with chips and pilipili sauce will make your meal money’s worth.


Prices include :

Chicken breast : kshs 300

Chicken leg : kshs 280

Chips: kshs 100

Mshkaki plate kshs 240

Nan bread: 50

Open: Evenings – Daily


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  • Recorda has been know for its excellent Kebab Mishikaki’s for long. The best place for Swahili dishes.

  • Shikomsa

    If ever I enjoyed Swahili food, it was at the simple Recoda. They moved to Moi Avenue? I hope the influx of new clients won’t cause them to water down their quality.