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I had the privilege of going to the Slim therapy Mombasa launch on the 11th of April at city Mall Nyali. Slim therapy offers different approach to weight loss and spa treatments.

Slim therapy offers two various types of services, weight loss programs and fish therapy. I had a chance to experience the fish therapy whereby you immerse your feet in an aquarium with fish which feed on the dead skin.  At first it was ticklish, but with time I got to relax and it was comforting. The price goes for kshs 1500 including 20 min fish therapy and pedicure.

The weight loss program consists of electro therapy through a simulation machine.

Electro Muscle Stimulation aids weight loss through promotion of your metabolism by muscle stimulation and increased blood circulation.This treatment promotes your metabolism through muscle stimulation and improved blood circulation. It has the same side effects as doing intensive exercise e.g. muscle growth, weight loss general fitness. The machine stimulates specific muscles via rubber pads. This stimulation is similar to muscle movements done during conventional exercising. It creates a significant energy demand on the muscles so that surrounding fat cells are burned for energy. In addition, the deep muscle stimulation help tighten and tone the skin and improve circulation.-


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