Swahili Nights

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The stars no longer twinkle. Twinkling is such a banal axiom.

Here, they dazzle.

Dazzle and brag.

Brag because Swahili nights are such butter smooth, irresistible darlings and to be posed right there in the imposing sky looking down on the wonder is pure joy…

At night the entire world sleeps, anticipating a better tomorrow, Swahili Nights keep life ablaze-prolonging today so there are more memories left for tomorrow.

Nostalgia imposed on reminiscing about valiant Arabian Princes of yore riding on red camels conquering souls, sand and embracing the scorching solace of the desert.

Owning the petulant deserts known for their vehement, unforgiving nature. And they tame them, yes they do!

And doe-eyed princesses, petal soft touches blushing underneath tented shadows. Dreams imported from exotic Arabian Nights.

A veiled lover rushes into the arms of her beloved, the taste of yesterday’s kisses still flaming in her tender lips.

Ahlan wa sahlan wa Marhaban ya habibty!

And the Swahili Night drags on, because memories will be sweeter tomorrow. Narratives carved from the shadows of proud ancestors, carried in tiny white cups of Gahwah from one moment to the next.

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Abu Amirah

Abu-Amirah is a Mombasa-based writer whose story “The swahilification of Mutembei” was shortlisted for the Writivism 2016 short story prize. He is currently working on getting his first short-story anthology published.