Swahilific : Diary of Campus girl ~ pt 60

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The call came in at around eleven the next morning after the movie marathon. The girls had already left and Zuhura was out buying fresh milk and greens at a nearby farm while admiring the Fresians and shrieking every time one of them turned their huge heads on her.

“Hey darling!” It was George.

“Hey,” Mimih answered, avoiding the use of sweet lovey-dovey words like darling and sweetie and Georgie Bunny. She was way past that.

“Tsup, uko poa?”

“Yap. You?”

“Am good,” George said. “Same old same old!”

“And how’s the love of your life? Am surprised she even gave you the permission to call me,”

“Oh come on now sweetie, you know I don’t need permission to call you.”

As if, Mimih thought. “So, sema?”

“I miss you so much, Mimih,”

“You do? Oh George, am so touched!”

“Am being real here,”

“Of course you are. Am hanging up,”

“Please don’t. Umm, can I, umm, can I see later today?”

“What about?”

“Nothing much, but it’s important that I see you today. Please.”

“Listen George, my life is rather peaceful right now. I don’t want any unnecessary dramas from your better half,”

“Three O’clock at the usual coffee place. I’ll be waiting,”

“No George, I’m…” but he had already hang up.

Mimih had completely distanced herself from George ever since Susan came into the scene. The last confrontation plus his affirmation that indeed she was his fiancée was enough to keep her away.

And now this.

She wondered what George might want from her. He had also gone quiet ever since the last confrontation and she knew him too well to know that something was wrong. She relished the sadistic thought of Susan having contracted a life ending disease which would adequately eradicate her from the scene.

But then what, would George come back to him and love her as before? Would she even accept him back after how he had hurt her? What would Jimmy think of it? Would he concede defeat and let Mimih go?

For one she knew George like any other man who once loved a woman would probably want things to be as they were before, as if Susan had never appeared. That was a purely natural masculine characteristic. But she would have none of it; no woman worth her salt would accept to take a man back after such deceit and treachery. But women were known to make the most irrational decisions when it came to matters love. Once bitten twice shy was almost a non-existent maxim for smitten women.

Three O’clock found an unimpressed Mimih at the coffee house seated across George who kept on talking and talking as if ‘fiancé’ had never happened. Mimih was happy to finally see him after such a long time because it brought fond memories of their escapades and fervent love making arrangements. She missed being in his arms, lost in wave after wave of orgasms….

“So how’s your bitch doing?” She asked.


“You heard me right,”

“Why, you care about her now?”

“Why not? As is, we have shared something in common, no?”

“Mimih, Mimih, Mimih,” he shook his head. “Ever the impossible one!”

Ebu let’s get to why you called me here!”

“I missed you so much,”

“George, please, and I repeat, please do not antagonize me,”

George laughed as he signaled for the waiter. Mimih was angry at him; she had never gotten over the hurt. Not because they were even heading anywhere in their relationship but because it felt bad to be blindsided. She would have rather much preferred if she had called it off before him; that way she would still have the upper hand. Now she was the victim.

She recalled the last time they had met when he broke the news of a fiancé, and how she had planned and mentally prepared herself to get laid. It never happened!

She missed him; there was no doubt about that. If only….

“I need your advice,” George said.

“I see. What about?”

“About a woman problem.”

“What now, you’ve impregnated another woman and you don’t know how to face your sweet Susan about it?”

“Nothing that dramatic,” he said, stirring his Macchiato. “I think Susan is cheating on me.”

“You think?” she asked.

“No, I know. I know without any doubt that she is cheating on me.”


He sipped his Macchiato and for a moment seemed lost in thought.

“With who?” Mimih asked.

“Just some douche bag.”

“A very smooth douche bag I suppose,” she sneered. “Have you seen him, this douche bag who’s getting under your girl’s panties?”

“He is an old geezer,”

“Ha, you don’t say!” she said. “Smooth like butter George being played by an older guy? Who would have thought we would see this day?”

“Please don’t antagonize me Mimih,”

“And how long has this been happening?”

“For a very long time I think!”

“Karma is a bitch, ha?” She said.

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