Swahilific : Diary of Campus girl ~ pt 67

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“I have to get back to my life,” Mimih told George as she turned so he could fasten her bra.

“This is your life,” he said, snapping it tight before caressing Mimih’s back.

“No, George,” she said, placing her hands on his chest. “This was my life. Not anymore. When is your Susan coming back?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care!” he said.

“You should show some sympathy to your fiancé.”

“Oh stop antagonizing me now,” he said. “If you cared so much about her then why are you here sleeping with me while she’s away?”

“Because it’s a man’s world, is it not?” she asked, tying her hair into a neat pony tail. “And men will always have their way with women. Isn’t that what turns you on?”

“We could still have something, you know. Just like before,” he said, kissing her neck.

“Well, our darling Susan wasn’t in that before you’re talking about,” she said, preparing to leave.

“But Jimmy was, no?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes he was,” she said. “And still is.”

“Then what’s the difference?” he asked. “Why can’t I have you and still keep Susan just like you had me and Jimmy?”

“Because I am me and you are you. Period.”

“Come on now!”

“The difference is that…” she sighed. “Why am I even bothering myself explaining this to you? With that chauvinist head of yours I don’t think you would understand.”

“Then make me!”

“My actions, dear, are open to interpretation,”


“Don’t make me regret this,” she wagged a finger at George as she slammed the door on her way out.

But she was already regretting spending the night with George, not because Susan was engaged to him but because she had promised herself not to fall into that trap again. It would have felt good if she had intended to get back at Susan, but to what end? She had lied to herself that it was just going to be a lunch date but hours later she found herself naked, lost in George’s erotic world.

Now she had mixed feelings about it. On one side she felt great, content, quenched; it had been quite some time since she had had sex and for some reason she just couldn’t resist him. On the other side she felt used.

She hated feeling used.

Mimih got to her apartment to find Zuhura lost in a text book, which was an eye-raising peculiarity considering Zuhura spent Saturday afternoons watching movies.

“What’s up girl,” she greeted her. “Seems you’ve watched all the movies you had yesterday and now you’re lost in your studies, huh?”

“Hardly. I can’t even concentrate.”

“I am famished,” she said, opening the fridge. “Lunch umepika what?”

Sikupika,” Zuhura said. “I ate out.”

“Out as in out-out or pale kwa kibanda ya Jose?”

Ush, out as in our favorite joint kind of out, Mimih,” she said.

“With Swaleh?”

“Who else?”


“And nothing,” she shrugged. “Just a normal brunch date.”

“Peaches?” she said, sitting down next to Zuhura. “You are always elated when you meet him. What happened?”

“First of all he is a bully!”

“I see…”

“Yes,” she said. “Can you imagine he gave me only thirty minutes to get to town eti coz he’s leaving for Qatar and might not be back for months?”

“And let me take a guess,” Mimih said, tapping her chin. “You made it in thirty minutes because you just had to see him before he left?”

Urgh, it’s not like that!”

“It’s like how?”

“I went because it was the most humane thing to do, that’s all,”

“You could have turned him down if you wanted to,” Mimih said.

“Then what? I’d just have come across as a snob,” Zuhura said. “Plus this guy has known me since I was young. I cannot pretend with him.”

“So let’s cut out the excess and get to the meat of the situation,” Mimih said, getting up to fetch a pack of noodles. “Do you love him?”


“What? It’s a simple, direct question that requires a simple, direct answer!”

“I am not sure I understand exactly what you mean by love him, but I do have some feelings for him.”

“Are you guys planning on courting to get married?”

“Well, we are seeing each other and having lunch,” Zuhura laughed. “Not certain about marriage though. Alafu I haven’t told you, the worst thing happened today!”

“Do tell then!”

“See, Swaleh called me last night,” she explained. “And said that she met with Mama and that he wanted to see me urgently. Naturally I presumed it was about marriage because it just made sense him going to see my mum.”

“And it wasn’t?” Mimih asked.

Aah, wewe ngoja nikueleze!” Zuhura waved her hand. “So, I hardly slept well last night coz I was just thinking of ways I was going to hurt him. Like I really wanted to give him a piece of my mind, you know what I’m saying?”

Mimih nodded.

“So we met after he harassed me into being on time. Oh, alafu another thing; si power went as I was about to iron my abaya!”


“Wallahi Billahi! I went to town with a creased abaya.”


“And the stupid guy noticed it, and took the liberty of bringing it to my attention as if I didn’t know.”


“Am telling you I was so pissed of. So I brought up the topic of why he went to see Mama, saying that if he wanted to marry me he should have consulted me first. Do you know what he said?”


“He said he was flattered that I even thought he had gone to my place just so he could marry me!”

“The bastard!”

Haki I felt deflated. And the way I had psyched myself up to give him a piece of my mind?”

“So he proposed?”

Ush, nani?”

“Why am I starting to like his style?”

Aah. Wacha hizo!”

“Any hint whether he loves you or intends to marry you?”

“Nothing! As in we finished food and left, and I’m still not certain where we are headed.”

Mimih poured the noodles into the water.

“Then he mentioned another friend of his from Dar. Muadh.”

“Who is Muadh?”

“Ha, a story for another day, my dear.”



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