Swahilific : Diary of Campus girl ~ pt 61

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Mimih was lost in thought, trying to work her mind around what had just happened. She had promised herself to be strong, to be her own woman, to stand her ground. She had built what she thought was a formidable, insurmountable wall around her emotions.

Then this.

She was surprised just how a single touch had melted her walls and made her forget all the promises she had kept to herself.

“His name is Simon,” she said, running a finger on George’s hairy chest.

“Simon?” he yawned.

“Yap, I know him, he’s been in business with Jimmy for as long as I can remember,”

“He’s old!” he said.

“And she’s an insatiable bitch who needs all the sponsorship she can get,” she kissed his shoulder.

They had spent the night at the same hotel they used to before they broke up, sort of picking up memories from where they had left them. Mimih had not planned for this to happen and things had escalated quickly after they had coffee and the next thing she knew they were staring at their favorite hotel.

“How long do you think she has been with this Simon fucker?” he asked.

“A very long time,” she said. “It wasn’t a coincidence that she was at that party that night I whooped her ass!”

“Ha, but she wasn’t with Simon that night,”

“Yeah, so my guess is that she’s been Simon’s side dish for a very long time,” she said, “and by the look of things I think your old competitor either has a good game or a very tongue!”

“Oh come on now, we all know even Viagra has a limit!”

“But she does seem to have a sentimental attachment to Simon,”

“Don’t all younger women have that attachment to old fuckers?” George kissed her left nipple. “The Jimmies and Simons of this world?”

“Go to hell George!”

And they made love again and again as if nothing had changed.

For Mimih it was a relief after the many months with no sex.

“So, where does this put us now?” George asked, rubbing Mimih’s nape.

“Nowhere,” she said.

“We can be just like we used to, yes?”


“But why?”

“Well, you for one are still engaged to that bitch,”

“I’m going to break it up with her immediately then,”

“Oh, you men can be so utterly stupid at times, that’s not how these things work, George,”


“Susan may be a bitch but she’s not stupid,”

“What reason do I even have for holding on to her? Right now she’s with that sugar daddy of hers away from Nairobi and you’re here with me. That should mean something I think.”

“No it doesn’t mean anything. We just had sex and that’s it. Period.”

“It’s not like I even love her!”

“You proposed to her, didn’t you?”

“More like she twisted my arm into it,”


“Duped me that she was pregnant with my baby,”

“You don’t say?”

“She was never pregnant in the first place. I even doubt whether she wants to carry my baby. To be honest, I don’t even know what she wants from me.”

“Trust me George, that bitch has had so many abortions in life that she’s already messed up her womb,” Mimih said. “Susan will never get pregnant, ever.”

“Knowing that makes me feel like an ass,”

“Yeah, you should feel like one especially coz you threw away what we had so you could be with her.”

“But yenyewe to be serious, I want to take back what we had. This.”

“Am sorry George, you can’t,” she touched his jaw. “You’re already dancing with the devil and as they say, a dance with the devil will last you forever, or right to the point you outlive your usefulness.”


“Meaning, dumbass, your little bitch is up to something and you’re just a Guinea pig in her grand scheme of things.”

“Am fucked, ha?”

“Yap. You’re totally fucked.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“Watch this space.”

With that she kissed him and walked to the bathroom.

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Abu-Amirah is a Mombasa-based writer whose story “The swahilification of Mutembei” was shortlisted for the Writivism 2016 short story prize. He is currently working on getting his first short-story anthology published.

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