Uber Taxi in Mombasa

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Uber is finally in Mombasa, Uber is an International taxi calling app that was first introduced in Nairobi in January last year.  With a click of button, you can call for a cab via their app on your mobile. It is fast and convenient. Uber charges a base rate of Sh80, plus a charge of Sh5 per minute spent on the ride and an additional Sh50 per kilometre.

How will it be received in Mombasa?

With a lot of tuktuks around Mombasa which makes it convenient to travel from one area to another at a fraction of a cost, it will be hard for Uber to break through within the Island.  It will be ideal for coast tourist staying at the resorts and hotels along north coast to use in traveling and exploring Mombasa as Uber charges per minute.


Another Local Taxi company called Towner has already started to establish a name in the city, their charges is ksh 70 per kilometre. Their fleets of cars are compact which makes it perfect to drive around the narrow streets of Mombasa, thus making it the best for people who don’t like the nuisance of Tuktuks.

It will be interesting to see the disruption of the taxi business by Uber in Mombasa. As it stands now, the Island is dominated by tuktuks that charge as low as 50/- per trip. However, the routes to/from airport, Nyali and Bamburi/ Shanzu stretch are dominated by taxis. This is one market where taxis charge astronomical fares especially after nightfall. From the fares quoted by Uber, the cuts will be 40-60% of what we are paying currently. Njooro – Founder Muse Digital

Price Base in Mombasa

KES 80 Base Fare + KES 50 per kilometer + KES 5 per minute

Minimum Fare: KES 250

Cancellation Fee: KES 200

Uber is offering free Rides for 6 days

Free rides from Wednesday, 23 March at 07:00 to Monday, 28 March 2016 at 00:00

Free trips are limited to a maximum of 5 rides per rider

Each trip is limited to a maximum of KES 1500

Note that free rides are only valid for trips that start & end in the Mombasa coverage area (for example, Moi International Airport, Nyali, and Inter-Nyali)

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