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The Enchanting Fort Jesus Sound & Light Show

Mombasa has a lot of history that makes us one of the unique cities in Kenya, dating from 900 AD Mombasa has a lot of rich stories of the past. You can learn from text books and hear all the stories but the best is to experience the history and learn from it. One of the key places to know more about the history of Mombasa is Fort Jesus.

Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to the designs of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa by order of King Philip I of Portugal. The fort was built in the shape of a man (viewed from the air) and is roughly square, with four bulwarks at its corners. Fort Jesus was captured and recaptured at least nine times between 1631, when the Portuguese lost it to the Sultan Yusuf ibn al-Hasan of Mombasa, and 1895 when it fell under British rule and was converted into a prison. After the Portuguese recaptured it from the Sultan in 1632, they refurbished it and built more fortifications, subsequently making it harder for the fort to fall. The fort was subject to an epic two-year siege from 1696-98 by the Omani Arabs, led by Saif bin Sultan. The capture of the fort marked the end of Portuguese presence on the coast, although they briefly captured and re-occupied it between 1728 and 1729 with the help of the Swahili city-states. The fort fell under local rule from 1741 to 1837, when it was again captured by the Omanis and used as a barracks, before its occupation by the British in 1895, after the declaration of the Protectorate of Kenya.

The Enchanting Sound & Light Multimedia Experience

To experience all this, Jays Pyrotechnics curated a sound and Light show that captures the historic background of Mombasa and Fort Jesus. The enchanting sound and Light show takes you into the battles of Fort Jesus using 3D projection mapping, lasers and holograms., the 30-minute show will narrate the story of Fort Jesus. It is one-of-a-kind sound & light multimedia show in Africa, termed by National Geographic as a world-class production. The experience ends with colourful firework display on the night skies of Mombasa Old town.

The show is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Available for corporate, entertainment events. In addition, they can customize projections messages such as birthday wishes, proposals and wedding anniversaries. The show starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 8 pm.

Entrance Fee – kshs 1000

Other Experience Offers:

The Enchanting Show + Dhow & Dinner Experience: Every 2nd Saturday of the month

You board the Dhow at the Tamarind Restaurant at 4 PM for a 2-hour sunset cruise, onboard you’re served cocktails and dropped at the Old Port. From there you walk across the enchanting Old Town, which is lit with holograms from the 15th Century to The Fort Jesus for the Show, followed by a 5-Course Dinner & Wine. Your tour ends with a night tour of Fort Jesus. The Experience is 5 hours.

Cost: Resident Rate: Ksh. 9,000 per person

4 Hour Enchanting Experience – The Enchanting Dhow & Show Experience: Every Saturday Only

You board the Dhow at Tamarind at 5.00PM in Nyali for a 2 hour sunset cruise where you’re served with cocktails and drinks, after which you are dropped at the Old Port in Old Town. You walk through the Enchanting Old Town which is lit with holograms from the 15th century Mombasa culture to the Fort Jesus where you watch the Enchanting Sound & Light Show with Firework, a 45-minute show where you are taken through the 400-year history of the Fort Jesus using 3D projection mapping, special and visual effects.

Cost: Resident Rate: Ksh. 3,000 per person

Booking Details

To book all the experiences contact:

+254 726 532 299





Sights of the Enchanting Fort Jesus Sound & Light Show

Jina langu ni Hassan Farouq Sabri

Your name and what do you do?

My name is Hassan Farouq Sabri. A teacher, writer, poet, actor, philanthropist and a director. 

Founder of #kumbushamwanafunzi initiative.

What is your education background?

I am a teacher by profession who pursued Bachelors of Education (arts) from Moi University Eldoret Kenya. I am proud to be an alumnus of Allidina Visram High School Mombasa. Always an Allidinian.

I am a high school Teacher and my teaching subjects are Islamic Religious Education (IRE) and Kiswahili.

As a teacher, how do you motivate students?

As a teacher, I always take the responsibility of motivating my students. I mostly deal with the age group between 14-18 years. This is a very delicate group and a lot of focus is needed to help them. I really try my best to make my students feel and know the purpose of life. I always champion for self-awareness and self-actualization, that they are super capable of changing the negative narratives not only in their communities but world at large.

How do you approach discipline and what role does it play in learning?

Discipline is a code of conduct that in our profession i.e. teaching profession leads in every bar. I am at the forefront to impart discipline not only in my students but also the people around me who i can approach. I do this in my classes and at an individual level. I have or I interact with so many teenagers with different personalities but with the level of professionalism, i am able to make sure they understand the importance of discipline not only in classes but also in their lives for these learners need our guidance. We need integrity, honesty, good mannerism and perseverance from our able students that will reflect in their futures and the future of this country too. This is all attained by Discipline.

What do you think of technology in the classroom and how have you integrated it into your lessons?

The kind of school I am teaching is technological advanced. I incorporate various technological techniques in my lessons thus making them more interesting and understandable. I use projectors to show different content from YouTube, google and soft copies. I give my students assignments they can research on and obviously they use their phones, computers and laptops to research. As a teacher, technology has really boosted my confidence in content delivery and preparation in my lesson planning.

You are also a poet/writer; do you think this has helped you in teaching?

Yes, I am a poet/writer and this has really assisted me in my teaching journey. Being a writer, it has assisted me in my language delivery and has boosted my communication skills. As a poet, I have directed various poetry and performed in national competitions like Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals and also Kenya National Music Festivals and attained the best ranks and also awarded the best Trainer and that is so recent 2019. So this talent through teaching has really helped me. I was among teachers who was chosen by the Ministry of Education to represent Coast Region Teachers and participate in the Kenya National Drama Festivals Adjudicators in Kabarnet early 2020. It is through incorporation of this talent and teaching.

Many youths are unemployed or lack career guidance, how can we approach this issue in Mombasa County?

About youth being unemployed, I am not of the idea of always blaming fate. We need to be innovative and hardworking to pursue our aspirations and goals. Youth should never wait for opportunities but they should look for them. Mombasa county Youth have the potential to beat this unemployment menace. But only if they will take responsibilities and avoid blame games and petty talks about leaders. To those who can access TVETs programs and colleges they can enroll and get possible skills that can sustain themselves and thus reflected to Mombasa economy and Kenya at large. We have so many opportunities like skills mitaani enrollment in various constituencies (sub counties) let’s utilize them to the fullest. Let’s be educated and trust you me, we will change this narrative.

In your opinion, how can youth develop and nurture their talent or skill?

In the Nurturing and talent development, there are various platforms one can establish him/herself. Let’s get creative here. For those who can access technology like phones, cameras, computers or even laptops, Social media can really serve you very well if you serve it well too. Let’s avoid and kill the stereotypes about social media being a negative impact in our society only. There is more in social media than just pornography, cyber bullying, body shaming and dating apps. Make use of it. I have seen magic in it. For those who can’t access technology, never despair just continue doing what you do even if it’s in front of the mirror. Utilize any opportunity that will come like small shows or even family. Norm says we have various talents, try each and every of them you never know what will kiss your destiny.

Draw, sing, model, dance, write, dress, act … (the list is long) your heart out. After all we are fed with what we a capable of doing.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In 10 years to come I believe i will be touching lives at a wider range and scope in Mombasa and beyond. I want to empower my community educationally. I want to quench this Education thirst in my community. I want to be an Education enthusiast, Education Ambassador, Education Veteran, Education activist or even Education Extremist (Haha just to kill the boredom). I will really champion for #kumbushamwanafunzi for the purpose of consistency in education in my community.

Parting Shot

I am really honored and super excited to be featured in this wonderful and creative Blog. This will be one of my achievements of life. I will never take it for granted.

I believe Mombasa people have the potential to move forward but only if we believe we can. We should all champion for education of all levels for we need to fight our future through pen. A pen always wins because its power is endless. 

Thank you

Mabuyu & Achari Sellers

Mabuyu is a coastal snack enjoyed by the young and old.  Cooked in sugar syrup the baobab seeds are then added colour to give it a zest. Mostly enjoyed while watching movies or hanging out with friends. Mabuyu has even been exported to other countries by coastarian to bring home closer to them.  The colours range from red to even green can be found sold around Mackinon Market and environs or even at individual homes. Achari is mango cut into pieces and dried to make it easier to eat, sometimes sugar is added to make it sweeter. You will find others with added colour , which is mostly red.  Normally sold in sachets the price range for kshs 5 – kshs 20.

One of most demanded gift from Mombasa is Mabuyu and achari, many people from Nairobi and outside the country crave mabuyu and have no place to buy. Life in Mombasa has curated a list to create access to Mabuyu and Achari sellers. The list includes the name, price and contact, to make it easier to order your favorite snack.

NB: This list will be updated regularly.

All Mabuyu and Achari sellers: To be added to this list send an email with your Name, contact, and pricelist to

  • Name: Aamina
  • Contact: 0706788764
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu 600/KG
  • Name: Adeline K. Nyagah
  • Contact: 0721 375826.
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu: Pilipili, Bila-pilipili and Vimto @ 100/= a packet
  • Achari: Pilipili & Bila-pilipili @200/= a packet.
  • Name: Zeenat Nasser – Guilty Pleasures
  • Contact: 0736888283
  • Pricelist: Jaggery Candy kshs 280 250 grams
  • All standards kshs 180 250 grams
  • Rainbow Jars kshs 270
  • Value Pack kshs 200
  • Name: shirin
  • Contact:
  • Pricelist: Seedless Mabuyu 300shs
  • Seed Mabuyu 300shs
  • Achari 300shs
  • Papeta 300shs
  • Victoria Mabuyu 300shs
  • Name: Sarah
  • Contact: 0722483067
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu 500grams 400 kshs
  • Achari 300gram 400 kshs
  • Small tins of Achari @80 kshs
  • Name: Fatma Haji Kale
  • Contact: 0707376647
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu kshs 100 per container
  • Name: Huris Collections
  • Contact: 0722477888 / 0710541592
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu packets – 30. 100. 150
  • Name : Nidhi Shah
  • Contact: 0738366699
  • Price list: Mabuyus 300/- a tub

Jina langu ni Ahmed Juma Bhalo

Your name and what do you do?

 My name is Ahmed Juma Bhalo popularly known as Anchor001 or AJB. I am a journalist by profession and an entrepreneur by default and a fragrance enthusiast. Currently, I head the Sales and Marketing department in a real estate agency known as Richland Properties Limited that is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with operations all over the country and beyond. As I had stated earlier, I am an entrepreneur who is amazingly in love with scents, I am also the founder of House of Bhalo which is an online personal grooming shop. At the moment, HoB products include Anchor001 Men’s perfume and Anchor001 Ouds/Bakhoor under the Anchor001 fragrance line.

What is your education background?

I hold a Second-Class (Upper Division) Bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Media Studies from The University of Nairobi. At the moment I’m still a student at the same university pursuing a Master degree in Communication However, due to personal reasons I had to temporarily put on-hold my studies since 2018.

Why did you choose journalism?

 Journalism is a calling just like any other profession and I also fell in love with it at a very tender age. If my memory serves me right, I was in class 5. Back then I would just find myself using my Walkman recording my voice presenting news as I grew up my love for it also grew. There are a number of YouTube videos of me reporting news while still in school.

What challenges have you faced when you were a news anchor?

 Journalism as a career has its fair share of challenges that ‘attack’ you from left, right and center just like in any other profession. Apart from the fame, glamor and prestige that comes with being a television news anchor, there is so much happening behind the scenes both at a personal and professional level. You just have to develop the right mindset and a thick skin to overcome each hurdle that confronts you.

A lot of people say, Mombasa youth are lazy. How can we debunk this notion?

That is being stereotypic. I will definitely be wrong to say all Kikuyus are thieves or all Luhyas are watchmen. Why? Because every community is composed of different characters. We shouldn’t use a trait within a small group to define a whole community. All communities have characters that are lazy-heads, thieves, sinful and other negative traits. But we can’t use that to brand the whole group.  Let me add this, the World Guinness Record for the longest cooking chef is held by a Mombasa lady, Chef Maliha Mohamed. Apart from that, one of the most celebrated Kenyan chef with international recognition Ali Said Mandhry popularly known as Chef Ali comes from Mombasa. Last but not least, do you remember the group of boys from Old Town in Mombasa who captured the country’s attention with their unique style of entertaining customers while vending vegetables amid the Covid19 pandemic?

Do you think there are enough resources for the youth?

 Resources will never be enough not just to the youth but to everyone. Even the government does not have enough resources. Itakua mimi na wewe? Challenges, including the scarcity of resources, are inevitable. We as a youth need to change our mindsets and look at a glass that is half-filled with water as being half full and not half empty. We need to embrace positivity, creativity and be innovative in order to independently transform our lives. Haya mambo ya kila kitu ‘Serikali saidia,’ ndio yanatulemaza. We live in a continent that is full of opportunities.  As the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma once said, ‘This is where I see Africa, full of problems, but full of opportunities.” Just identify a problem and provide a solution.

You have an Oud brand; do you think you have enough entrepreneurial skills to sustain your business?

 I have slightly over one year of experience as an entrepreneur since I ventured in the fragrance business. I started off with the introduction of Anchor001 Perfume for men under Anchor001 Fragrance line owned by House Of Bhalo – which is a personal grooming company. The perfume gave birth to the Oud/Bakhoor brand that is still under Anchor001 Fragrance line. As a young entrepreneur, this has been an interesting journey for me.

Concerning my entrepreneurial skills, it depends on how you define ‘enough.’ What I would say is that I have skills to make House of Bhalo a competitive brand. However, I acknowledge the fact that I am not there yet, and I will never be there because I am always yarning for more skills and knowledge.

In your opinion, what skills does one need to succeed in their businesses?

The skill to sell – Any business person is in the game to sale a product or service. Whatever it is that you do, you need to up your selling skills or else you will be out of business in no time. Learn how to position your product or service to convince your clients.

Basic accounting and book keeping skills – No matter how big or small the business is; your financial literacy determines the success of your business. You don’t need to be a professional accountant, what you need to know is how money moves in and out of your business.

Communication skills – Each business or company has its own size or number of stakeholders. Stakeholders include people or entities that ensures the business attains its goals. Stakeholders include shareholders/business owners, employees and customers among others. During the day to day business operations, a business owner is required to interact with the stakeholders in one way or the other. Equip yourself with relevant communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. Learn how to communicate, what to communicate and when to communicate.

Networking skills – You are an average of the five people you spend most of your time with. If you look at the circle of friends that surround you and don’t get inspired, then you don’t have a circle, you have a cage. What I am basically saying is this, surround yourself with people that motivate you and bring the best out of you. Network with people or companies that take you closer to your dream destination.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Being in the business of fragrances as an online shop for slightly over one year, HoB has established a loyal clientele not just in Kenya and East Africa but also in other continents. We have members of the #anchor001fragrance family in the UK, United States, Canada, Qatar, UAE and India. Our vision – To be the leading retailer of authentic personal grooming and fragrance products in Kenya and beyond.

Parting Shot

To all my fellow youth and anyone reading this, I urge you to monetize your passion and talent. Ask yourself, “What is it that I LOVE & ENJOY doing that I can do for the rest of my life without regret?” or “What is it that I am good at?” Once you have answered one or both of the questions, then acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to make money out of it.  Alhamdulila we live in a digital world that presents numerous opportunities for us to make living independently. In conclusion, know your passion or talent, acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to monetize it, embrace the digital space and have a purpose in life.

Organic Beauty Products from Mombasa pt 2

Organic beauty products are becoming more and more popular in Mombasa; people are moving away from processed products. Especially women, are turning into natural and organic products for the face and hair. In the previous post – wrote about Organic Beauty Products from Mombasa . Mombasa women are filling in the gap in creating organic products, most of the female entrepreneur are working from their home. They are producing products that are affordable and natural.

In adding to the previous list, find below Organic beauty products business owned by Mombasa business women.

Name of your Brand?

Oriss Vedic naturals

What is the purpose of your products?

Oriss Vedic believes good skin and good health doesn’t only come from medicine, most of time it comes from peace of mind, peace in heart and peace in soul. Comes from love and laughter. Vedic naturals is a skincare service and product provider from seed to skin clean green beauty cruelty free brand. Where every ingredient has a purpose because healthy skin is reflection of your overall health……

Youth is a gift of nature

But age is work of art…

Age gracefully accepts your flaws and highlight them.

Name of your different products.

  • Facial beauty bar soaps
  • Taj hair elixir
  • Oriss glow green tea aloe gels
  • Glow facial oils
  • Konjac sponges
  • Dry body brushes
  • Glow masks

What inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration was my own curiosity in seeing the beauty of nature and studying beauty since age of 16 just puts into awe when I see and know what nature can do…my inspiration is around everywhere in all natural elements. It was my passion which drove me to make me into a full-fledged therapist.

What are the challenges faced?

When you are into holistic skincare and green clean beauty people tend to look at you with skeptics as in is she whipping something from the kitchen and fridge or home garden. Some clients expect overnight glow results. They expect high end packaging and fragrances and good color and in clean green beauty we don’t do fragrance nor additives as colors.

Prices are compared with chemical products, quantity over quality. Marketing green clean beauty in stalls is another challenge.

Name of your Brand?

What is the purpose of your products? (IE body wash, hair oil etc.)


Name of your different products.


Uses Ayurvedic herbs originally sourced from Sri Lanka. It is composed of 8 main herbs and undergoes a complete Ayurvedic process including copper cooling.

Help Protect hair from breakage while sleeping and retaining moisture at the same time .
Friction  between hair and your pillow can cause a lot of breakage. Cotton pillow cases absorb lots of moisture from hair leaving it dry and brittle.

Sulfate free shampoo bars that are environmental friendly that leaves your hair soft and nourished


A recent new addition to the family, a herbal moisturizing hair lotion for nourished and moisturized hair.

What inspired you to start your business?

Having lived seven years in Sri Lanka. This is where I sparked an interest in Ayurveda. To Sri Lankans Ayurveda is their way of life.

seven years later When it was time for me to go back home (Kenya), I took what I had learnt, and decided to share with everyone back home the benefits of Ayurveda and how it works on African /Textured hair.

What are the challenges faced?

  • The hair market in Mombasa, and in Kenya generally, is very much saturated and you always need to go that extra mile in ensuring your product does what it say it does.
  • Importing our raw materials from Sri Lanka takes 3 months by ship to reach us which, if not well calculated, can mess up the production deadlines.
  • With the global pandemic, transportation of goods has been limited thus production has become slow and difficult for our products to go around the market.

Name of your brand?

Shakes Hair Care Products.

What is the purpose of your products?

The main purpose of our products is to help people get essential hair and beard care products at very reasonable prices.

  1. Shakes Hair Growth Stimulator has a special blend of essential oils and special herbs that help to:
  2. Encourage hair regrowth (stimulates dormant pores to generate hair hence thickening and adding volume to peoples hair.)
  3. Reduces insomnia
  4. Migraine relief
  5. Promotes hair growth. (for length)
  6. Shines and softens hair.
  7. It is also a natural conditioner.

II) Shakes Handmade Moisturizing Shampoo Bar.

  • Made with love after a thorough research was done using 100% natural ingredients.
  • It is Sulfate Free and Paraben free as these compounds are well known to dry out your hair leading to breakage. This shampoo bar will not strip your hair’s natural oils.
  • It cleanses your hair lovingly (mildly) , leaving it clean and fresh.
  • It is long lasting and easy to travel with. We’ve made your life easier and cheaper. A bar will last you so long.
  • Lathers really well and produces a lot of foam.

III) Shakes Deep Cleansing Shampoo (liquid)

  • It cleans your hair deeply without stripping your hair’s natural moisture.
  • Has antidandruff properties, anti-itch and anti-lice.
  • Lathers well with both fresh and borehole water.
  • It lasts long. A small amount of SHAKES SHAMPOO goes a long way to make your hair clean and you scalp cool and fresh.

IV) Shakes Creamy Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Moisturizes your hair follicles leading to HAIR GROWTH.
  • Detangles.
  • Smoothens and softens your hair giving it a healthy and glossy shine.
  • Protects from heat damage.
  • Has an amazing fragrance.

What inspired you to start your business?

The recipe of shakes oil is almost half a century old. My grandmother used to make it for my mom and her siblings when they were growing up. She also made it for me and my cousins. She has perfected this recipe with precise measurements for maximum benefits.

Shakes has been available for sale for many years mainly in Nairobi, it is only recently we decided to give it a name, brand it, market it (mainly on Instagram) and make it available to everyone.

What are the challenges faced?

The main challenge that shakes has faced is scarcity of packaging materials in Mombasa.

Impatient customers, we love you but please call between 7:30am to 7:30pm only.

Name of your Brand?

Zariah Organics

What is the purpose of your products?

Our products are made on weekly basis from carefully selected natural ingredients and handcrafted with the purpose of moisturizing the skin including the scalp and providing relief for various skin conditions like eczema,psoriasis,itchy scalp and dandruffs and in the long run promoting a healthy skin and hair.

Name of your different products.

Skin Care : * Whipped Shea Butter(Vanilla)

                   * Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

                   * Handmade Bar Soaps(Oatmeal/Honey, Turmeric/Sandalwood, Moringa, Activated Charcoal/Bentonite Clay, Hibiscus, coffee/Cocoa)

Hair Care : * Black Soap Shampoo(Sulfate Free)

                  * Cleansing Shampoo Bar

                  * Growth Stimulator Oil

                  * Jamaican Black Castor Oil

                  * Chebe Hair Butter

                  * Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner

                  * Chebe Powder (The Chadian Hair Secret)

What inspired you to start your business?

 Having suffered from eczema from an early age, I had the urge of finding a solution to myself, my family and my kind as we know how troublesome it can get to manage eczema and especially flare ups. I have had my fair share of using steroids and being a medic myself I was well aware of their side effects with long term use and i said to myself “No More Steroids”. I remembered how my grandmother and mother would use coconut oil to moisturize us from head to toe and I was like, you know what? I am going to go back to coconut oil and pray for the best. Don’t get me wrong, coconut oil was doing it for me initially but my skin would still feel dry after some hours after application especially during the winter seasons. it was here that i went on the quest to find a more superior agent that would keep me well moisturized to survive even the harshest winters. It was then that I discovered shea butter,for me it was heaven sent and within a couple of days incorporating it to my routine…..the magic happened. Until this day, I do not remember what a flare up looks like. Initially, I would just whip up some butter for me and my family and then I started giving out to my friends and patients that suffered from eczema and it was here that Zariah Organics was born.

What are the challenges faced?

 Being a small-scale business we face quiet some challenges ranging from sourcing genuine raw materials, access to packaging materials especially with inconsistency in the local packaging industry in Kenya and variations in either color,texture or consistence in final products depending on different batches which is as a result of using natural ingredients that may differ from harvest to harvest. 

Name of your Brand?

Baraka Organic Oils

What is the purpose of your products?

For best healing, use the best products, for they are what makes you healthy.

We take pride in our products since we traditionally press them. We also cook some of the oils the classic traditional way. Our oils are pleasant to the nose and do not have a repellant, foul smell which makes them suitable to use everywhere.

The purpose of this brand is to revive the traditional and esteemed glory of organic oils which has been dampened down by the introduction of many new processed chemicals. If a chemical successfully passes through the upper layers of skin, it has the chance to be absorbed by the bloodstream or lymphatics. It can prove dangerous to apply risky chemical products on our own skin or even worse, baby skin. Baby skin is delicate and is vulnerable to easy damage.

The Forgotten Antidote to Diseases.

Did you know that organic oils can be used for drinking, cooking and oil pulling?

Drinking purely organic oils has proved to have benefits backed up by science. For example, drinking sesame oil, which is high in antioxidants help reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. An accumulation of free radicals in cells may lead to inflammation and disease. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Sesame may help control blood sugar. It may help arthritis and other joint diseases. It may help against UV rays. Our organic oils add a delicious flavor and smell to food.

Hair Use

Given that hair is commonly destroyed by processed chemicals and hot tools in our current times, our traditionally pressed and cooked oils seek to provide rich nourishment from the very roots. They live bland hair as they are nutritious to it. Their core minerals are ever present never lost.

Name of your different products.

1)Baraka Pure Honey

2)Baraka Pure Ghee

3)Baraka Blackseed Honey

4)Pumpkin Oil

5)Almond Oil

6)Coconut Oil for hair and skin

7)Sesame Oil for hair and skin

8)Coconut Oil for cooking, drinking and oil pulling.

9)Sesame Oil for cooking, drinking and oil pulling.

10)Blackseed Oil

Pure Oils are diverse in what they offer as effects. A single product can shower one with amazing and beneficial effects.

What inspired you to start your business?

I suffered from great disappointment when it came to my hair. One after another problem followed. I would colour my hair and also highlight it. I noticed a deepening sadness within when I started losing hair. My thickness was significantly reduced. I had about half of what my original hair thickness and volume was. Dryness and brittleness did not spare me either. Growing up as a little girl, the only products I used were traditionally cooked oils. My mother would oil and plait my hair. I had beautiful luscious and long hair so did my sisters.

After using endless hair growth serums, including ones that I bought abroad, with no satisfactory results, I resolved to go back to my roots. The only way I knew and that had proved loyal multiple times in the past. I noticed my children had an aversion, a dislike towards organic oils which wasn’t really doing them any good.

From these experiences, from desperation and hopelessness, I wanted to come up with a set of products which would impact the quality of peoples’ lives by improving their skin, hair and health. I do believe that things like hair and skin, if low in quality can destroy one’s confidence and self-image.

What are the challenges faced?

Delivery of products to customers outside of Mombasa can sometimes be delayed which can lead to disappointment from the customer’s side.

The scarcity of raw materials can be disappointing to work with considering we do everything ourselves.

Historic Mackinnon Market

Mostly Known as Markiti, Mackinnon Market was opened in 1914 named after the then colonial governor of Kenya, Sir Henry Mackinnon, who officially opened it. This is evident with mast inside the building has a plaque that traces much of the building materials from Bristol, in the United Kingdom.  Residents of Mombasa generation after generation have been shopping for vegetables, spices and other snacks such as Mabuyu and Achari.

Tourists are also given a tour of the Market by tour guides to showcase the different spices available, as spices is one of the attractions of the Market in addition to the historic background of the market. The market holds more than 200 traders. Most traders have been at the market for over 50 years, passing it on to the younger generation. Today, you will find all sorts of vegetables, fruits, spices and various snacks such as mabuyu, Achari and pickles.

Through the Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment, the County Government of Mombasa renovated the Market. The 3-month project was officially launched on July 21st 2020 by H.E Governor Hassan Ali Joho EGH. The renovation included upgrading of Kiosks, repainting, roof repair and adding lights inside the market.

Sights from the current Renovation:

Mombasa Bakhoor & Oud Vendors

Bakhoor Oud is woodchip which has been immersed in perfumed oil and mixed with other natural ingredients such as resin, sandalwood essential oils among others depending on an individual’s preference. These scented chips are mostly burned in charcoal or in incense burners to release perfume rich fragrance. In most cases, this fragrance is used during special occasions such as weddings, love-centered occasions or during relaxing moments. In the Arabian culture, it is a traditional gesture to pass Bukhoor among the invited guests as it was viewed to be a hospitality gesture. It is also a tradition, to burn on Fridays as it is a blessed day.

One of the most common wedding gifts is Bakhoor and Oud, hence it is in great demand worldwide. You will find various vendors selling different types of Bakhoor and Oud, some homemade and others imported from different parts of the Arabian countries. In Mombasa, there various women and vendors selling Bakhoor and Oud at different prices and quality. Life in Mombasa has created a directory list for customers to be able to choose from different vendors.

NB: This list will be updated regularly.

All Bakhoor and Oud: To be added to this list send an email with your Business Name, contact, and Social Media account to

  • Name: Bukhoor Famya
  • Contact: 0703785999
  • Social Media: Bukhoor.famya
  • Name: Dukhni Bakhoor
  • Contact: 0734624391
  • Social Media: dukhnibakhoor
  • Name: Lila’s Bukhoor
  • Contact: 0722301002
  • Social Media: lilarashid
  • Contact: 0727083833
  • Social Media: ssb_products

Mombasa Streets Arts 001- Covid-19 Awareness Edition

Art is one of the greatest ways to send a message, art is a voice for the voiceless. Through various art channels such as music, painting, poetry, photography and etc., you can convey a message, tell a story and create a voice. The message can be interpreted by anyone and used to sensitize people. During this period of Covid-19 pandemic, many artists have used their talents to sensitize people about the precautionary measures that have been set by WHO. Through photography, graphics, videos, music and etc., artist are creating exceptional pieces to express the effects of the pandemic and how to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus.

In Mombasa, a group of Street Art artists joined hands to create exceptional art during the Covid-19 global pandemic in support of County Government of Mombasa, Tourism unit from the Department of Trade, Tourism & Investment. The art visuals were designed to create awareness on precautionary measures, celebrate leadership and thank health officials for their dedication. The graffiti art was done at Buxton Housings, Coast Provincial General hospital wall and Star of the Sea School wall. The artist worked tirelessly to produce the work, each person contributing a skill and talent to complete the graffiti art.

Artist Profiles:

Teddy Tunje


AGE: 28 Years.

AREA FROM: Kisauni Barsheba, Mombasa.


I started drawing as a kid, he would draw on walls using charcoal. After high School he furthered his talent by joining the technical University of Mombasa where he studied a Diploma in Graphic Design and Fine Art.


Yes, below are some of the projects he has done;

  • Transparent International
  • Action Aid
  • Hivos
  • Dream Achievers youth organization
  • Lengo
  • Dankies Art Design
  • Mombasa Rock Festival [Mombasa County]


Teddy draws his Inspiration from different Artists both locally and internationally. He went ahead and mentioned a few of the Artists.

Locally- From his Father who was also an Artist

  • Uhuru B 
  • Bank slaves
  • Dankies Art and many others

Internationally –

  • Does from Netherlands
  • Mad see From Germany
  • Tona 1 of Ghetto Pimps from Germany
  • Ewalk from USA and many others.


According to Teddy this project brought him Positive vibes because he was doing and using his talents to give back to the Public by creating awareness of the Virus through Art. Sharing his experience and his Art with the world has been a marvelous experience and the positive feedback they have been getting from the society has been so overwhelming to him.

Last but not least working on such a project with County Government of Mombasa Tourism Unit was a dream come true and he hopes to work on many other projects in the future.


  • Facebook – Shakes Graffiti
  • Instagram –Shakes Graffiti
  • Email Address –
  • Mobile Number – 0711869772

Tito Onodera


AGE: 43

AREA FROM: Bamburi Vescon Estate, Mombasa.


According to Tito he was born with the pencil. He started drawing as a kid and he was always in trouble for messing his exercise books. After High School he studied at Creative Arts Nairobi where he acquired a Certificate of Arts. He was further Motivated by his wife who shared same interest in Arts and Graffiti.


Tito has done a couple of Murals in different shops in the Old town area. He is Diverse he also does T-shirts Arts. He designs and Crafts scriptures from Recycle products.


Tito has done a couple of projects as mentioned below;

  • Aga Khan Academy (On street Kids Project)
  • Vipingo Ridge (Private Residential)
  • Nyali 10th Street behind Shoprite


Tito draws his Inspiration from different Artist both locally and internationally as mentioned;


  • His late father
  • Anne Gashoki (his wife who is also an Artist)
  • Patrick Mukabi (his Mentor)

International – Michael Angelou, Leonard Davinci and many others.


It was an awesome Experience and the Positive Feedback they have been getting from the Public for their Art by creating Covid-19 awareness has been so fulfilling.

Also he was happy and Grateful for working with the different young Talents and he hopes that this project will Inspire many young and Upcoming Artists to do their best and use their Talents  to give back to the society.


  • Social Media: Facebook –Tito Onodera
  •  Mobile Number: 0722754901

 Shee Ahmed Shee

ARTIST NAME: Shizemonize

AGE: 30

AREA FROM:  Mombasa – Original Rasini/faza


I started from class four, I worked on doing artistic products with milk cartons, containers and continued learning more. I always looked for ways to teach myself and improve my talent.


Since I was 18, I would work on artistic projects. I would find small jobs and work on them.


No one specific, but I draw inspirations from different people.


The experience opened my mind. I was able to think in complex way and gave me great experience.


  • Facebook – shee hamad
  • Instagram – sheehamad6
  • Mobile Number – 0703319493

Mchulla Omar Mchulla

ARTIST NAME: Mchulla Arts


AREA FROM: Mombasa-Pate Island


Since I was young (1995) I would create art on books and cloths using my artistic talent. I started earning in 20001 from my art. Throughout my journey I would teach myself artistic designs and other skills so I can earn from it.


I worked on an awareness campaign against drugs in Lamu, we were commissioned to raise awareness against drugs through art. In addition, I have worked on car details, shops, boutiques and house design décor.


I draw my inspiration from Kantu from Germany, his graffiti work inspires me to work harder and to think outside the box. It motivates me.


I appreciate the idea and the opportunity to work with a team, in addition it opened my mind on my artistic talent. It helped me overcome some fears I had, I am usually scared to draw bigger design but this made me overcome my fear and I had the courage to go up and design.


  • Facebook – Mchulla momlee
  • Instagram –  Mchulla Arts
  • Email Address –
  • Mobile Number – 0723339012

Mohamed Sudi



AREA FROM: Barsheba


I started in school, I will draw and then I went ahead to volunteer at Kisauni polytechnic. After that, I took a course in painting and then I continued to teach myself artistic designs. I used my art to create different designs from the course experience.


Since 2015, I have been designing. I have worked with many other organizations to create awareness for different causes including in Mombasa county and Kwale county. I have worked with:

  • Transparent International
  • Action Aid
  • Hivos
  • Dream Achievers youth organization
  • Lengo
  • Dankies Art Design
  • •Mombasa Rock Festival [Mombasa County]


I get inspired when I see other people working, their progress on projects that builds community. When I see determination from others, I get motivated to work harder and get inspired to create art that will assist the community.


This experience gave me confidence. I experienced a different project that pushed me to the limit, for example I have never done a huge wall and this was my first experience. In addition, I got to work with different people to form a team which showed team work and resilience.


  • Facebook – Moha freeman
  • Instagram – moha_freeman
  • Email Address –
  • Mobile Number – 0726968985

Arnold Mgharo

Artist Name: Nuru bahati

Age: 37

Area from: Mombasa | Ganjoni

How did you start your art journey?

I was inspired by comic strips in the newspaper dailies and watching cartoons then in the Year 1990-1997 School Sacred heart Primary school in Mombasa I took Art and Craft as a subject, in high school I Studied

Art and Design Year1998-2001 Sacred heart Secondary school in Mombasa. I later enrolled in college B.I.F.A Buru Buru Institute of Fine in Nairobi at Buru Buru phrase 3 Studied Drawing and Painting Diploma Year 2003-2005. Further persuade graphic design in Area Graphics College in Nairobi Studied Graphic Design Software’s Certificate Year 2012.

How long have you been doing this art?

I’ve been going art since 2005 professionally

Do you have experience from other projects?

Yes, I’ve experience from other projects like W.A.P.I words and pictures art from that was held in Nairobi every third Saturday of the month from 9am-5pm. And Paa Ya Paa art gallery in Nairobi, Ridgways off kiambu road.

Who inspires you?

God inspires me and any artist who puts more than 10,000 hours in their craft.

Your experience in this Covid-19 Awareness campaign?

My experience in the this Covid-19 Awareness campaign is that art is a spiritual voice to humanity that uplifts the people and love speaks life to everyone.

Contact Details

  • Facebook –  Nuru bahati
  • Instagram – Nuru bahati
  • Twitter– Nuru bahati
  • Email Address –
  • Mobile Number –+254 721 267 239

Final Project in Pictures

Jina Langu ni Charles Msilanga

Your Name and what do you do?

My Name is Charles Msilanga. I am a Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Public Speaking Coach. I run an organization called Personal and Corporate Development Company which trains individuals and companies on Public Speaking, leadership development and also team building services for corporates. I am also a youth leader and serves in the board of directors of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mombasa Chapter and also a director of a youth led initiative called Youth Empowerment Program Initiative based in Mombasa, Kenya.

What are the benefits of Public Speaking?

There are many benefits of public speaking in our lives and I would wish to state that one of the primary benefit of public speaking is Personal Advancement…Anyone who is great and better at Public speaking is able to make people believe in them, invest in them and even partner in them as well. You see, someone might have an extraordinary idea that can transform people’s lives but if they are unable to communicate it to people to partner with it, then that Idea may never manifest to fruition. You see, I have a saying that states,” Public Speaking is the currency of leadership” Probably, that is the reason as to why majority of our leaders are great speakers and can communicate their ideas with ease and conviction.

How long will it take someone to become a good speaker?

Well, Public speaking is an art. The more you practice it, the more you become better at it. Therefore, from experience in coaching individuals, I can state that depending on the enthusiasm of an individual and even personality, one can learn and become a good speaker through our coaching sessions within a period of 4 weeks. However, there are some extremes where we may take more than 4 weeks to learn which we still provide coaching and ensure our clients come through and feel and experience a difference as we coach them.

Tell us about your journey at Watson Institute?

Well, Watson institute was a great opportunity which I am always grateful to God for. I attended Watson institute for a 4 month business incubator program on social entrepreneurship where I learned how to develop a social enterprise and use it to become a change maker in my community. At Watson, I was able to learn further on how to become efficient in my journey to help individuals in my community and the world at large through my passion and purpose for life. This was an exciting journey and an interesting experience which I hope most youth of Mombasa and even Kenya at large apply to participate into and contribute in transforming their community through the lessons and knowledge gained there. I am willing and open to support and help my fellow youth get accepted at the institute by recommending them to the institution. Anyone who would like to take part can write to me.

With all your career commitment, how do you manage your time?

Well, Priorities. I can say that I operate on plan and a routine. I operate on the believe that if I do not value time, then I do not value myself. Therefore, to me, time is value. I operate on a to-do list which I plan on what I do on a daily basis, weekly basis and even monthly basis. I must admit, however that sometimes the pressure can be too much but it does not mean that I get drifted or shifted from the main goal of achieving and implementing my to-do list assignments. This has helped me a lot and recently, I have been using google calendar which really remind me on my schedules, assignments, meetings and deadlines as well.

Share with us an example of how you helped coach or mentor someone. What improvements did you see in the person’s knowledge or skills?

I have had an opportunity to coach and mentor different individuals and of different ages. From students to corporate leaders and political leaders. Through my engagements with them, I have seen tremendous improvements in their growth in terms of personal development and communication. I have, by God’s grace seen individuals who I have coached to be transformed and gain clarity in their life purpose, confidence in their life journey and improvements in their personal brands. I have also managed to witness individuals discover themselves grow in living better lives by making better choices for their lives as well. I have also grown from just being a coach but also a lifetime accountability partner as well.

Today, a lot of youth lack mentorship and mentors, how can we as sisters, brothers and family be mentors for our youth?

I believe we can be the best mentors by showing and being the better and great example. Every young person desires a great association with an individual who is growing, progressing and developing as this is the equal desire of every youth. By this, I do not mean thriving in wealth and money but thriving in purpose. You see, anyone who is living in line with their purpose breeds attraction. This attraction includes the young people who will like and admire the status and progress of your life and thus seek mentorship from you. In addition, those who are mentoring the youth need to also have and invest enough time to the youth as mentorship is an investment through wisdom and time and thus always need to have our time and willingness available to our youth as well.

What are the best ways a youth can find resources to improve themselves, in terms of training, seed funding opportunities and career development courses?

Well, there are many opportunities which youth can access for learning, funding, career and personal development. I recommend Young African Leaders Initiative Program, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative Programs, In addition, there is an online website which youth can check it out for opportunities and funding which are usually advertised for young people to apply and grow from and the link is

 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In the next 10 years, I see myself serving the whole world by mentoring, training and coaching people. In addition, I look forward having presence for our organization in different cities in Africa and beyond and also hosting talk shows which will be inspiring generations and the world at large through discussions on purpose, potential and personal development at large. I see myself living my purpose to the fullest and maximizing my potential to serve the people of the world.

 Parting Shot

My parting shot will be from the words of Rumi which I really profess to: ‘’WHAT YOU SEEK, IS SEEKING YOU”

Jina langu ni Manaal Jamal

Your name and what do you do?

Manaal Jamal (Manaals Mikyaj) I am a professional makeup artist.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

I have been a makeup artist for 4years. I was based in Nairobi at first, I had just left the banking industry looking to go into something that was of interest to me. A friend had recommended that I should take up classes and see where it takes me, since I had a lot of interest in the beauty industry on social media. So I started classes with Muthino Njoba, who was then the brand ambassador for Maybelline Kenya, she also had a contract with k24 TV. Seven or so classes in, an opportunity opened up for me to start working on the lunch time shift at K24. This was my stepping stone into becoming a makeup artist, as well as marketing myself to outsiders through social media and word of mouth.

What are the biggest challenges makeup artists have to face?

One of the biggest challenges I face just from moving to Mombasa from Nairobi is the amount people are willing to pay you for your service. As a makeup artist people tend to overlook your skill, the quality of the products you will use and your time.

Secondly the amount of makeup artists and upcoming artists we have today keeps increasing. The makeup industry is booming and it’s seems like everyone is aspiring to be an MUA. So competition is high. Marketing yourself adequately and believing that we can all have a piece of the pie and support each other since our sustenance comes from God, makes it less if challenge of you look at it in the aspect.

If a customer asked you what’s the most suitable foundation tone for them, how would you help?

Many factors matter from brands to their price range and what coverage they are looking for. If I do have past experience with a certain brand they want I definitely can recommend something for them or if they don’t have any specific brand I tend to recommend what I use on them during their makeup session. You should only give feedback based on past experience with a product.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I don’t specifically have one artist but I love following various makeup artists from different parts of the world, as each region has its own kind of makeup application. From the states to Nigeria to the middle East, everyone’s technique is different and that is the beauty of the make-up industry.

There is so many MUA in Mombasa, how do you stand out?

I believe you each have your own target market. Your own brand. The way you bring it forth and market yourself is what matters. From relocating from Nairobi, and settling in Mombasa, shortly after giving birth, I am still trying to put my name out there as much as I can. Starting from scratch again is never an easy road.

Recall a time you had to face a frustrated customer who wasn’t satisfied with the hair or makeup services you provided. How did you handle it?

I believe customer is King. So I like to leave my customers satisfied. I always ask once I’m done if there is anything they would like me to change. If a customer is frustrated I make sure to do all I can to provide them with what they wanted and leave them satisfied.

What three makeup item should no woman leave home without?

 Depends on what you are used to as an individual.  Definitely lipstick and powder for touch up.

Where do see yourself 10 years from now

With the will of God, constantly growing my makeup skills/name and having my own makeup workshop where I also teach makeup to the next upcoming generation of artists.

Parting shot

Each makeup artist has their own unique way and skill of applying makeup. And each client has their own preference as to what look they want. Supporting each other is all that matters at the end of the day , as not only one person can do the job, there is a piece of the pie for everyone.