Jina langu ni Farhana Oberson

Your name and what do you do?

My name is Farhana Oberson and I am a Kenyan YouTuber. I love making YouTube videos that aim at spreading love and happiness because I genuinely feel the world needs so much more of it.

Why did you start Vlogging?

My passion for vlogging comes from a long and deep story, let’s just say, through vlogging I found a way to make and meet lots of new friends <3

What do you find most challenging about vlogging?

Most challenging is facing the stares I get when I vlog in public. It needs some getting used to. Also the editing can be timely and tiring at times. But I still love it all.

From all your Vlogs on your Youtube channel, which is your favorite Vlog and why?

I absolutely love the “Best Places to Eat in Mombasa” video because the idea literally came to mind when I was in the shower one day, and I could never have imagined that the video would be such a huge success.

Being a hijabi, do you find critics from the society even though you are covered?

Yes, I find a lot of critics, some saying that it is not Islamic enough to put myself all over the Internet. But i don’t blame them. Our society tends to mix culture and religion together. Personally I am using the social media platform to inspire others and spread love and happiness, which i feel is a good and positive cause that is not disregarded in our religion.

How do you feel your YouTube Channel contributes to your dreams and goals of this life?

My dream and goal in life is to really inspire people, especially inspire Muslim girls that we can really do anything we want. Just because we wear a head scarf doesn’t mean that we can’t be YouTube influencers, or take up any career. Our society strongly believes that being a Muslim pulls us back from the modern world, but to the contrary I feel that being a Muslim I can still do everything that I want. Therefore, YouTube as a platform, helps me achieve this.

Coast region has not embraced blogging/Vlogging as much as other parts of Kenya and the world, what do you think could be the reason?

The reason is because there just isn’t anyone doing it here. If there were many vloggers and bloggers around, then it would be a norm and no one would really take much notice. But because it is something completely new then people have no idea about it, they don’t know what vlogging and blogging is, and most certainly do not know its influence and impact on crowds. Therefore, when you are unaware of something and how it works, then you are definitely going to be skeptical to accepting it, as well as be unwilling to even make an effort to explore its benefits and popularity. This is why it has not been embraced yet.

What are your future goals about your YouTube channel?

My goal for now is to reach 10,000 subscribers. Slowly but surely I will reach the milestone.

What advice would you give young hijabi’s who would also like to start their own blog?

I would say just go for it! For as long as your parents are ok with it, then don’t think about what the society will think. Just do it and be a pioneer for others to follow. The girls in our society believe that being a hijabi pulls you back from doing many things, but on the contrary, I strongly believe that we as hijabis can do anything and everything as long as we set our pure minds to it.

Just do it and do it with dignity, honour and perseverance.

Parting shot

Strive to be different rafikis!

Join me in my adventures on my social media platforms:

YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/FarhanaOberson

Instagram: www.instagram.com/farhana_oberson

Snapchat: farhanaoberson9

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