Keeping Fit at Butterfly Pavilion

Every New Year people make resolution to keep fit, in January all the gyms are usually full. But by midyear everyone loses morale, and the gyms are back to being empty.  The issue is that people get bored with the routine, plus if a person works 8-5 in an office, then head to another enclosed spaces to work out the mind creates a similar pattern.

There are different ways to work out in Mombasa, at Butterfly pavilion in Bumburi, gives you a 3.8km hike, with different stops called Vitaparcours. They give you different types of exercise that you can do to keep burning the calories.

In addition, they have bicycles for hire which you can use to cycle down the trails. The trails a marked in different colours for cyclist and hikers, each is created specifically for cycling or hiking.

So if you want a different kind off working out this year, consider Butterfly pavilion, it will help shed the unwanted weight and also clear your mind while running, brisk walking or cycling on the trails.

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