Mombasa Eateries : Bibla Fruit Parlour

Who doesn’t love a glass of scud? A popular mixture of fruit salad and ice Cream in Mombasa that is loved by many.  You can find scud at different places in Mombasa, mostly at night I different fruit parlours.

Bibla Fruit Parlour

Started in 2012, Bibla is a popular night spot for a fresh glass of scud or smoothie. Located off Jomo Kenyatta ave, they open from 5:30 to late night. The owner had passion for creating fresh juices and smoothies and making sure people have healthy options.  He uses fresh ingredients every day to ensure people get quality and fresh order of their choice. Some of the drinks they Offer are Burj Al Arab that’s the best seller and other like Noora, Burj Khalifa, Faisalia, Jumaira and Banana Smoothie. The drinks are a mixture of different fruits blended or cut in pieces to create a tasty and healthy choice. They also have Fresh juices such as Beetroot, Orange, Stafeli, Bungo and many more. Price ranges from kshs 100-200 that’s for small glass and for large glasses it’s between kshs 250 to 400.

My review:

Ambiance:  casual and ok.

Service: Fast

Waiting time: 10 Minutes

Parking:  Roadside parking

The fruit scud was fresh and the ice cream made it delicious.

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