Mombasa International Cultural Festival 2016

Mombasa International cultural festival was held between August 18th to 21st at Mama ngina drive, Mombasa. The event is to promote tourism and celebrate the rich vibrant cultures of Mombasa. The four day event was graced by hundreds of people from around Mombasa and beyond.

The first day was graced by the opening ceremony by H.E Deputy Governor Hazel Katana, joined by prominent figures of Mombasa including celebrity Chef Ali Mandhry.  The procession ended at Fort Jesus where the Cultural Festival was officially opened with various performers and Fireworks.

Mama Ngina was divided in sub-sections, including a stage area, food section, Boma circle and sports area.  The Boma area included different cultures from around Kenya, who represent the different cultures residing in Mombasa.  The food section was filled with different vendors offering different cuisines.  The sports section, sponsored by the Sports department, had a volleyball court, a basketball court and boxing ring. There was various sport competition with winners receiving various prizes.

Walking through the different sections, one was able to discover and learn knew cultural information from various people and cultures. The event was very informative and entertaining at the same time.

Find sights and sounds from Mombasa Cultural Festival 2016

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