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Published On: November 19th, 2018



Mombasa is growing by the day, and more people are going into entrepreneurship and expanding their businesses.  People are re-inventing themselves and creating jobs, no one is waiting for jobs to come to them. As we grow, more people are meeting at coffee shops, restaurants to do business.  It has become convenience to meet a client at coffee shop than at an office.  This is an advantage to restaurants and coffee shops in Mombasa, people are visiting and spending money.  One of a new coffee shop/ restaurant that has just been opened that caters to business people and everyone at large is Qaffee Point.

Qaffee Point is located in Ralli House, Nyerere avenue, a classy and elegance coffee shop and restaurant that offers wide variety of menu.  With over 30 staff, Qaffee point offers quality service and delicious and irresistible menu.  The two floor restaurant offers menu for different clientele, the menu has a variety of meals to cater to everyone’s needs. They open from 6:30 am to 11 pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between. Open from Monday to Sunday. The friendly staff are always ready to serve you.

The menu consists of different items, from English breakfast, to seafood grills, stir fry, shawarma, pizza and burgers to Cakes and snacks.  Each menu category has variety of items. For breakfast, there is English breakfast, Qaffee Point breakfast, muesli, pancakes and oats Porridge.  A Qaffee point breakfast includes 2 pcs sausages, beef bacon, 2 eggs, baked beans, 1 pc samosa, toast and tea/coffee for 600 kshs. Prices of meals range from 300 kshs to 1700 kshs.  Chicken Shawarma and Beef Shawarma also for sale at kshs 600 and 650 respectively.  In addition to their burgers and pizza and other grills, they have shakes, juices and cakes and baked goods. They bake their own bread in-house for freshness and quality.  For tasty Mandi, they have Fish, Chicken, or mutton Mandi every day at kshs 600. And for waffle lovers, their current offer is Buy one stick waffle and get one free.

A restaurant without WIFI and electric sockets is useless in this day of age, people are working more from coffee shops and restaurants. Qaffee point has taken inconsideration students, business people and etc., who would want to work from their restaurant. They have placed electronic sockets (with USB docket) next to every table and WIFI is also available upon request. The two lounges, upstairs and downstairs have a big screen TV, which show premier football matches on regular basis. The downstairs lounge can also be turned into a conference setting upon request, both lounges can accommodate up to 40 people. In addition, a more spacious conference room is being added which will be available soon.

Comfy seats and good food will keep you going to Qaffee point, whether it’s a business meeting or with family and friends.  The staff will be always ready to serve you with their delicious meals and good service. Qaffee point is an ideal place to watch a game or two with friends, or going to the lounge downstairs for some peace and quiet to work on those proposals. The white tiled walls will leave you feeling peaceful after your tasty ordered food. So next time you are looking for a place to go eat, Qaffee point will be open to take your orders, or you can order for delivery. For further details, call: 0757 123456.

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