A Mombasa wedding

Published On: April 8th, 2016

In Mombasa, one thing defines you: Your wedding day. That determines your status of who you are and who do you know. Starting from the wedding hall, to the food and décor of your wedding coastarians will judge you based on that. So how do you plan to make it over the top.

Wedding date

The wedding date has to be a date people will remember, a public holiday will be ideal. People can associate your wedding day with the date.  In addition, they will always remember your wedding anniversary every year.

Wedding Hall

Your wedding hall or reception hall has to be the one where can accommodate at least one thousand people, so you are looking into Mombasa Women, Islamic center or Aga Khan sports club (jubilee hall).  Also convenience of people attending, in town it is convenient for most people to attend your wedding.


Depending on the type of wedding ceremony, there should always be a variety of food items.  If there is a luncheon event, biriayani is normally served.  To make it more interesting have chicken biriyani opposed to the lamb biriyani. Assure your food is catered from a top notch caterer with good clientele background. Food issues are one major factor that can ruin the reputation of your wedding day.



Your décor has to be classy and up to date; the colour must match your theme wedding colour.  For the bridal reception, the stage has to be classic and shinning. Follow your wedding dress theme to make it more appealing, assure the décor artist designing something that resembles your wedding dress.


Your guest list must include prominent names in the society, for people to admire your network of friends.  Politicians and high valued businessmen will create a buzz in the society for attending your wedding.

Wedding Gowns

Last but not least, the bridal gown will be the highlight of the wedding. Forget renting, if you have someone abroad send them your measurement to get you a fitted Cinderella kind of wedding gown. The dress has to be perfect for your curves and people to wow on how beautiful the dress looks on you.  It has to make a statement of your personality, and the status of who you are.


Planning a wedding is not easy, creating a memorable one should be the only motivation one should have in mind. Make it memorable, classy and talk of the town that makes it worth it!

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