Fort Jesus: Oman House & Mazrui Hall Renovations

Published On: February 23rd, 2017

The National records and archives authority in the sultanate of Oman in collaboration with Ministry of sports, culture and Arts improved and renovated the display of historical evidence and artefacts in Omani House and Mazrui Hall inside Fort Jesus. The renovations was supervised by Embassy of Sultanate of Oman Nairobi.

The renovations included adding more historic information and displays in the Oman House, including a replica of a Dhow in the entrance. The building was painted and renovated to fit the high volume of visitors at the Museum. Inside the Oman House, more detailed information regarding the Oman Arab ruling and introduction of Prominent people in the community. Other information regarding current Oman and development it has.  A TV with continuous running videos of the progress, history and other information is on display as well.

The Mazrui Hall also underwent a major facelift, more information regarding the Mazrui, Al-Busaidy and other first Oman Arabs in Mombasa. You will find details about the first Liwali of Mombasa with their respective picture and other information regarding the Oman rule. The History of Mazrui Hall and other information. You also view an aerial picture of Mombasa 1955 and other historic picture of Old Mombasa. The interior have been repainted and well lit with lights showcasing each area for proper viewing by visitors.

The renovation included clear and multiple language displays of information, the upgrade will be a major boost to Fort Jesus giving more access to historic information. Make sure you visit Fort Jesus to see the renovations and upgrade.


VISITOR CATEGORY                  CHARGE (Kshs)

Non-Resident Adult                           500.00

Non-Resident Child                           250.00

East African Resident Adult            200.00

East African Resident Child             100.00

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Find pictures of the renovation.

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