Jammy Checks in: CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites

Published On: January 15th, 2018

Mombasa is the pot of all cultures; many people from diverse backgrounds have made Mombasa their home. And with each unique culture bringing in traditions that has been adapted by Mombasa people into the daily lives. Today, many investors come to Mombasa to create experiences for the different and diverse people of Mombasa and to give opportunity for people outside to come and see Mombasa. Recently, hotel chain CityBlue Hotels acquired Creekside hotel, and is now officially CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites. A Rwanda based hotel, which is expanding rapidly, will be a great addition to the Mombasa experiences.  CityBlue Hotels started in 2013 to introduce min-scale, international quality hotel chain in sub-Saharan Africa.

The new addition, CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites is located near Nyali Bridge overlooking the Tudor Creek.  With 100 Rooms, 6 Suites, 58 Deluxe Standard Creek View and 36 Deluxe Standard Garden view, CityBlue Creekside Hotel will be an ideal accommodation for people looking for luxury on a budget. In addition, the location is ideal because it is in between Nyali and Mombasa Island making it easy to access both areas with ease.  The hotel has over 60 staff in different departments, and offers various services such as, Free Wi-Fi, Airport transfers at a cost, free breakfast and facilities including the Gym, business center and the outdoor swimming pool.

Staying at CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites

I got the opportunity to stay at CityBlue Creekside on New Year’s Eve; I arrived at 2pm and was checked-in within minutes. My room the Deluxe Standard Creek View, had an amazing view of the Nyali bridge and creek from the room balcony. The room had all room amenities, including water and drinks for sale inside a small room fridge. I settled in and relaxed while watching TV on the 40’ television strategic placed facing the bed.  At 4pm, I took a walk around the facility, I saw the gym, business center and then to the pool side where I sat and ordered orange juice from the pool side bar. The breeze and green scenery in the garden was perfect to relax and enjoy, I was completely relaxed by the time the sun was setting.  I went back to the room to prepare for the New Year’s Eve crossover party with performances by the iconic Calabash band and an exotic Mashariki versus Magharibi menu featuring all-you-can-eat world class creations from both Eastern and Western cuisines.  The dinner was at 8pm, the room had a blow-dryer and was able to ask for an iron box from housekeeping to prepare myself. An iron box is available upon request.

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The set up was amazingly beautiful at the garden next to the pool, the lights creating a romantic and calming effect. The buffet was set on the side, and people queued up to be served by the smiling staff. And indeed the food was delicious as expected. The menu varied with varieties of meals from the east and west and Kenya as well, from the fish tandoori, to the Prawn and Nyama choma including tasty humus and pita bread and all the delicious deserts. Calabash band made the evening worthwhile, with the amazing vocals and greatest hits leaving you on your feet dancing song after song. I truly enjoyed the band; everyone was dancing to their rhythm. During the night, Mombasa Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir also graced the event, and gave a small speech. He discussed the tourism industry and thanking CityBlue hotels for choosing Mombasa as their first choice in entering the Kenya Hotel industry.   By Midnight everyone was on their feet dancing, waiting for the countdown to 2018. After the count down, most people started leaving but the band kept playing till about 1:30am when they closed for the night.

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I woke up on January 1st; happy and relaxed, by 9:15 am I went to the restaurant to have my breakfast. They offer continental breakfast, including a staff preparing eggs at your order.  The different station tables with varieties to choose from including different baked breads, cereals and cakes. Also available was tea, milk and different juices.  I was full by the time 10 am clocked in. I strolled around the garden and then went back to my room to check-out.   I truly enjoyed ushering the New Year at CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites; it was one of a kind different experience. It was simple and organized, an experience I will cherish for a long time.

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For reservation contact:

Kenya: +254 780 450454

International Reservation Contacts:

United Kingdom: +44 800 13378019 9

United States: +1 800 446 612436

For Reservation Enquiries:


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