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Published On: September 11th, 2017

Over the years Mombasa has grown to be a business hub, many investors are finding projects that will help grow the economy. Mombasa being a tourist hub, creating a luxurious marina resort was a great investment by two Kenyan brothers, Alnoor and Amyn Kanji. Hotel EnglishPoint offers lifestyle and luxury at its best, located on the coastal shoreline one of the most iconic places in Mombasa. The unique architectural building to the view of the old town from the premises makes it a premier hot spot in Mombasa for residents and visitors.

Staying at Hotel EnglishPoint

Hotel EnglishPoint is one of a kind that offers luxury lifestyle stay, from the infinity pool to serene spa and fine dining. I had the privilege to stay at English point marina for a weekend. I checked in on Saturday at noon, their check-in time is after 12 pm. I was greeted with a glass of cold juice at the reception and continued to check-in. I was given a room over-looking Mombasa old town which is my favorite place to view the sunset in the evening. I was taken to my room by the wonderful service staff, and as soon as I stepped I just loved everything about the décor. Everything was black and white giving you calm and peaceful feeling, the furniture was comfortable. The living room décor had a classy and unique theme that matched the entire Hotel theme of luxurious lifestyle. The room which serves as an apartment has a full kitchen with unique and quality kitchen appliances. The apartment has three bedrooms, and open floor kitchen and living room. I decided to take a room next to the balcony which had big sliding windows and a view of old town. You can see the view from the bed, which was a great experience in the morning.  As the sky become brighter and the sun casting sun rays over the old buildings at old town Mombasa, it was a breathtaking view.

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After settling in, I decided to go for a tour of the facility; I walked through the pool area. The infinity pool is strategic placed to also view the Mombasa Old town, with a bar on the side of the pool makes it a great place to have a drink and enjoy the breathtaking view.  Which after, I walked over to the Ansui spa to book for my fully body scrub later in the evening. I went back to the room and ordered room service; you can dine at Medusa Restaurant, which offers exclusive fine dining. The restaurant is located on the roof top of the hotel, it offers relaxing and serene dining, with multi cuisine menu to choose from.  You can order room service from Medusa restaurant; the menus are placed inside the room to choose from the variety of meals and delivered to your room.  The meals were well prepared and tasty, assuring quality and professionalism. After lunch, I ordered a cup of tea and sat at the balcony enjoying my evening till the sun descended into the horizon behind old town Mombasa. The view was magnificent and magical, breathtaking making you feel calm and relaxed.

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Refreshing Ansui Spa

My spa appointment was at 7 pm at Ansui Spa, I was checked in by the attendants. The serene ambiance makes you relaxed even before your session. I was directed to the ladies locker/ changing room, where I was given a locker which was filled with a towel, a robe and disposable underwear. I changed and stepped into one of the therapy rooms. My attendance was very friendly and professional. The full body scrub exfoliates and hydrates the skin, which was refreshing leaving my skin soft and smooth. The session took around 30 minutes including cleansing and a hot shower.  After the full body scrub, I enjoyed a cup of tea as the steam room was being prepared.  I spent about 20 minutes in the steam room, then showered and went back to my room feeling relaxed and re-energized.  I was famished by then, but since I was feeling relaxed I ordered room service once again. The dinner was right on time within the time frame they hand indicated.  I enjoyed my dinner watching TV; all rooms are equipped with DSTV where you can view a range of channels and entertainment. After that, I got into bed full and relaxed.

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Morning sunrise and checking out

I woke up in the morning in time for the sunrise, watching the sun cast rays on the buildings of old town Mombasa. It was a beautiful experience and stunning as the Mombasa island building consists of different colours creating a picturesque scene. Around 8am, I walked over to Medusa Restaurant for breakfast, which was multi cuisine menu, from cereals to Swahili breakfast and freshly made pancakes to savour. The buffet was well arranged, with clear labels for every meal. I enjoyed the different types of breakfast. The pancakes were just tasty and cooked perfectly; I enjoyed my breakfast the restaurant balcony enjoying the cool morning temperature. I later went back to my room and checked out. I truly enjoy the relaxing weekend at Hotel Englishpoint, it was what I needed to unwind and clear my mind.

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