Jina Langu ni Charles Msilanga

Published On: June 8th, 2020

Your Name and what do you do?

My Name is Charles Msilanga. I am a Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Public Speaking Coach. I run an organization called Personal and Corporate Development Company which trains individuals and companies on Public Speaking, leadership development and also team building services for corporates. I am also a youth leader and serves in the board of directors of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mombasa Chapter and also a director of a youth led initiative called Youth Empowerment Program Initiative based in Mombasa, Kenya.

What are the benefits of Public Speaking?

There are many benefits of public speaking in our lives and I would wish to state that one of the primary benefit of public speaking is Personal Advancement…Anyone who is great and better at Public speaking is able to make people believe in them, invest in them and even partner in them as well. You see, someone might have an extraordinary idea that can transform people’s lives but if they are unable to communicate it to people to partner with it, then that Idea may never manifest to fruition. You see, I have a saying that states,” Public Speaking is the currency of leadership” Probably, that is the reason as to why majority of our leaders are great speakers and can communicate their ideas with ease and conviction.

How long will it take someone to become a good speaker?

Well, Public speaking is an art. The more you practice it, the more you become better at it. Therefore, from experience in coaching individuals, I can state that depending on the enthusiasm of an individual and even personality, one can learn and become a good speaker through our coaching sessions within a period of 4 weeks. However, there are some extremes where we may take more than 4 weeks to learn which we still provide coaching and ensure our clients come through and feel and experience a difference as we coach them.

Tell us about your journey at Watson Institute?

Well, Watson institute was a great opportunity which I am always grateful to God for. I attended Watson institute for a 4 month business incubator program on social entrepreneurship where I learned how to develop a social enterprise and use it to become a change maker in my community. At Watson, I was able to learn further on how to become efficient in my journey to help individuals in my community and the world at large through my passion and purpose for life. This was an exciting journey and an interesting experience which I hope most youth of Mombasa and even Kenya at large apply to participate into and contribute in transforming their community through the lessons and knowledge gained there. I am willing and open to support and help my fellow youth get accepted at the institute by recommending them to the institution. Anyone who would like to take part can write to me.

With all your career commitment, how do you manage your time?

Well, Priorities. I can say that I operate on plan and a routine. I operate on the believe that if I do not value time, then I do not value myself. Therefore, to me, time is value. I operate on a to-do list which I plan on what I do on a daily basis, weekly basis and even monthly basis. I must admit, however that sometimes the pressure can be too much but it does not mean that I get drifted or shifted from the main goal of achieving and implementing my to-do list assignments. This has helped me a lot and recently, I have been using google calendar which really remind me on my schedules, assignments, meetings and deadlines as well.

Share with us an example of how you helped coach or mentor someone. What improvements did you see in the person’s knowledge or skills?

I have had an opportunity to coach and mentor different individuals and of different ages. From students to corporate leaders and political leaders. Through my engagements with them, I have seen tremendous improvements in their growth in terms of personal development and communication. I have, by God’s grace seen individuals who I have coached to be transformed and gain clarity in their life purpose, confidence in their life journey and improvements in their personal brands. I have also managed to witness individuals discover themselves grow in living better lives by making better choices for their lives as well. I have also grown from just being a coach but also a lifetime accountability partner as well.

Today, a lot of youth lack mentorship and mentors, how can we as sisters, brothers and family be mentors for our youth?

I believe we can be the best mentors by showing and being the better and great example. Every young person desires a great association with an individual who is growing, progressing and developing as this is the equal desire of every youth. By this, I do not mean thriving in wealth and money but thriving in purpose. You see, anyone who is living in line with their purpose breeds attraction. This attraction includes the young people who will like and admire the status and progress of your life and thus seek mentorship from you. In addition, those who are mentoring the youth need to also have and invest enough time to the youth as mentorship is an investment through wisdom and time and thus always need to have our time and willingness available to our youth as well.

What are the best ways a youth can find resources to improve themselves, in terms of training, seed funding opportunities and career development courses?

Well, there are many opportunities which youth can access for learning, funding, career and personal development. I recommend Young African Leaders Initiative Program, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative Programs, In addition, there is an online website which youth can check it out for opportunities and funding which are usually advertised for young people to apply and grow from and the link is https://www.opportunitiesforafricans.com/

 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In the next 10 years, I see myself serving the whole world by mentoring, training and coaching people. In addition, I look forward having presence for our organization in different cities in Africa and beyond and also hosting talk shows which will be inspiring generations and the world at large through discussions on purpose, potential and personal development at large. I see myself living my purpose to the fullest and maximizing my potential to serve the people of the world.

 Parting Shot

My parting shot will be from the words of Rumi which I really profess to: ‘’WHAT YOU SEEK, IS SEEKING YOU”

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