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Published On: September 4th, 2017

Youtube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, when they worked for PayPal. Ever since millions of people visit Youtube for different reasons, some people visit to learn tutorials, to listen to music and watch different genres of videos including travel and Vlogs. Youtube is a popular website for every household. In the recent years Kenya has embraced Youtube content making, a lot Kenyans are creating content in Youtube including Travel videos, Vlogs, tutorials and many other categories. Life in Mombasa has decided to join the content makers in Kenya in creating interesting videos about Mombasa in correspondence with the blog.

The objective is to showcase Mombasa through pictures and videos to reach a wider audience and to appeal to different audiences. It should be able to create a more effective impact in showcasing Mombasa rich history, our culture and modern day lifestyle.

Our Channel is : Life in Mombasa

Kindly subscribe to Life in Mombasa channel and watch the videos. In the spirit of Mombasa content, here is a list of Mombasa Youtubers to follow in no particular order. Subscribe to their channel and let’s promote Mombasa Youtubers.

Abdulhalim Abdulhakim Hamada

A 16 year old student in Mombasa, he does games, comics and series reviews. His Youtube channel is called Geek Matter.

Link: Geek Matter

Farhana Oberson

Farhana is a lifestyle Vlogger, she blogs about her lifestyle including her travels, projects and everyday things in her life in Mombasa.

Link: Farhana Oberson

Nadia Naddy

A fierce inspiring Modest hijabi who talks about controversial topics that people are always afraid to talk about. An emerging author with zest and zeal of life.

Link: Nadia Naddy

Brian Kimani

Brian’s Safari buddies inspire him to travel and tell stories of other places other than Mombasa, but sometimes he tells us his Mombasa day life.

Link: GetawayPlanet

Maryam Alfan

A young energetic blogger, who is starting weekly Vlogs to talk about her daily life and her faith.

Link: PrettymuchKadzo

Farid Ali

A techy based in Mombasa, he reviews phones, gadgets and anything techy. He does intensive user reviews.

Link: R.V.C Tech

Maryam Taib

Make-up guru and an awesome hijabi Fashionista, Maryam Youtube channel is always inspiring for young muslim women.

Link : Spoonfullofhoney

Adrian Mwangudza

An illustrator who does 3D animation, Motion Graphics, and Graphic Design.With Experience of over 5 years in Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and InDesign.

Link: Sir Adrian M

Fatma Abubakar

Also known as Alula Mama is hijab tutorial vlogger, who lives between Mombasa and Dar es Salaam . Her Youtube channels  consist of simple Hijab designs  tutorials for all muslim women.

Link: Alula Mama 

Clifford B. Okumu

Clifford is a scriptwriter, director, producer at Celestial Touch Studio uses youtube to showcase their work from Wedding videos, short Films to Documentaries and promotional videos.

Link: Celestial Touch Studio

Aryen Muravvej

Aryen is only 12 years old, but he is creating content and a brand for himself.  With over 20 videos on his channel so far, he has a huge potential to create unique content for his peers and for the young generation.

Link: Verzer

Magdalene Kamau

A motivational speaker and an IT consultant living in Mombasa, Kenya. Her desire is to shed light in a variety of real-life situations and encourage someone live a better life, make better decision and help someone else do the same.

Link: Magdalene Kamau

Steven Mwalily Exclusive

Steven Mwalily is journalist by profession who is capturing the different stories of Mombasa, his vision is to tell different stories that are not usually in the news.Steven Mwalily is a Freelance Journalist based in Coastal Kenya, most specific Mombasa. Mwalily who has 3 years experience in the field covers Youths and Women empowerment feature stories, Politics etc.
Currently he runs Steven Mwalily Exclusive, an online site where he tells Human Interest stories via social media platforms. The stories range from features, documentaries, entertainment, articles writing, etc.

Link: Steven Mwalily Exclusive

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