Night Photography in Mombasa

Published On: January 20th, 2017

Photographing Mombasa is easy, the rich Swahili culture gives you the right texture, colour and  subject. So when it comes to night photography in Mombasa, the night light brings out the different scenes for Night photography. A few places to go for night photography are:

Mama Ngina Drive

The Likoni channel is a major passage for all ships heading to Mombasa Port, you can set up and wait for a ship to pass and capture the lighted vessel.  In addition, you can set up near the Ferry and capture the mass of people embarking the ferry illuminated by the lights from ferry.

Moi Ave

Moi Avenue is always buzzing during the day, being the central business area. But with several pubs and clubs along the avenue the night scene is vibrant as well.

English point marina

The new English point marina is one of the finest spot to capture the Mombasa island, overlooking the old town you can capture the different lights  from the old town houses and as well as the tall buildings.

Makadara Street

Many old town residents take a stroll on Makadara road in the evening, either with their families or friends with a few Ice cream shops around makes it ideal place to take night shots.

Tamarind dhow

Tamarind offers a night cruise around Mombasa Island while enjoying a seafood dinner, as it passes through various areas of Town ideal for capturing the island from a different angle. Also Passing by the bridge

Mombasa Port

From the rooftop of Canon Towers, Tara Plaza and Bandari College you can view the Mombasa port, great way to capture the different in darkness and light that blend into the port at Night.

Find below photos of my attempt to photograph the Mombasa night scene from GPO to Moi ave

[flickr_set id="72157661320955865"]

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