Three spritual things to do in Ramadhan in Mombasa

Published On: June 13th, 2017

In our previous blog about Ramadhan in Mombasa, we talked about the Mombasa street food. You can read the blog here: Ramadhan in Mombasa Ramadhan is a month of giving and blessings. Three things you can do to make it worthwhile:

Visit an Orphanage

There is a lot of orphanages in Mombasa with children fasting and have no meals to break their fast. You can purchase food items and deliver or donate to an organisation and join them when they go deliver the food. Seeing the children will give you time to reflect on yourself and help you fulfill your duties for Ramadhan.

Iftar at a Mosque

Donate snacks at a your area mosque, most people break their fast at the Mosque. Different people in the neighbourhood donate various snacks for people to break their fast. The harmony brings a sense of togetherness and bonding. You can donate a type of snack (Kalmati, viazi vya karai, bhajiya or Sambusa) or dates, it depends with your local mosque preference.

Donate Anonymously

A lot of people go through financial problems, most of the time is beyond someone’s control. You can donate anonymously to someone you know who is going through financial difficulties.  By giving them anonymously will hide your identity and also show them that someone out there cares. It gives hope to the person.

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