Jina langu ni Alfred Sigo

Published On: May 3rd, 2017

Your name and what do you do?    

My Name is Alfred Sigo and I am Social Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate at Pwani Youth Network

What is social activism in your own words?   

Social Activism is taking action with community different agenda towards a specific goal, Like mine has always been to make peace and better health care a reality to our people.

You are the champion of a myriad of causes that touch on social justice. How did you get started?

Well my story toward championing for a better community started why back in my primary school days. I was raised up in one of the largest slum in Mombasa [Bangladesh]. Growing up in the area was not an easy task, hence the drive to make that change needed in the communities. Some of the issue that driven me towards the person I am today was poverty in the community I grew up in to see my fellow youths engaging in heavy drugs and alcohol abuse, and lastly the unemployment rate

Can you explain a bit about the different organizations you work with and lead?

I have been part of several community organization but currently working for Pwani Youth Network, a network organization that is working with youth and community by use talent, Film, Sports and Technology to reach community. The Youth Initiatives has several baby groups. This Youth organization has 5 main adjective talent identification and promotion, Film and Talent Nurturing, Peace Building and promotion of better health care to the community. Currently we most of several national and international achievement for the work done.

Mombasa has a long way to reach on economic empowerment, what do you think we need to do to achieve this?

Mombasa is a home of talent and different skill, I think government agency and also non state actor should started looking at provision of alternative jobs opportunity by investing  in talent and other skill development

If you could have the ears of world leaders, what is the one message you would most want to tell them? We have made a lot of progress, but what more needs to be done?

Life is not what we are but what we are made of. For us to achieve development in the world we must have peace and for peace to be achieved then we must embraces our diversity for we are one under God

You have a lot of commitments, how do you manage your time?

Well time management has been number priority for me to achieve and meet my target and at time I have to work up for as early as 4 to work on my laptop.

Name three people who inspire you, and why?

Bonface Mwangi, Rachel  Muthoga  and Georgina Obonyo. All these people are Kenya and still very young trying to make  a difference in the community the work in. I don’t see them often but a follow what they do on a daily basis and learn a lot from them. I will also love to recognize my mum Mildred Adhiambo who is a strong pillar in my life.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?   

10 year from now and indeed beyond would love to be a great man in the community I come from. In life I define success not with profit and wealth I accumulate but with the difference I make.

Parting shot.         

The Youth make up majority of the population in this nation and that means we have the loudest vote in this coming Kenya election, we can make a difference through the voice of the ballot

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