Jina langu ni Jamal Abdallah

Published On: March 2nd, 2016


Your name and what do you do?

I am Jamal Abdallah. I am a Lawyer, Mentor and a Media Creative. I am an entrepreneur and African media personality. I am the Head of Creative and Producer of “Kauli Yako” the breakfast show at Radio Salaam FM Mombasa. I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jay Fun Media Limited, a content hub focused on quality African content, and Smart Move Group, a youth-to-youth organization that mentors and trains youth at the Coastal region of Kenya, on Financial Freedom. I am a true rainmaker who brings a unique vision to his work; that’s what makes me spark and stand out…

With a broad experience in the media I have worked across the platforms of broadcast and new media, always challenging the norms and pushing boundaries. My focus is on World Trade Law and Business Integration in Africa. I see myself to be: a forest of ideas, who would love to share his thoughts with you and make Kenya an island for productive Youth.

always challenging the norms and pushing boundaries.always challenging the norms and pushing boundaries.Plus other things :)

Jamal is a rare combination: at his young age he is a seasoned expert in both creative media concepts and Swahili literature.

Tell us three things about your hometown that you like?

I am from Mombasa but I currently reside in Diani, it is the best place after heaven. It is located at the southern coast of Kenya, on the richest continent in the world. My home town is blessed with infinite beauty and white sandy beaches, and recently awarded the best beach destination in Africa for the 3rd time now. It got diverse wildlife and verse marine resources from rivers that run straight to the beautiful beaches. Of course it is inhabited by beautiful souls. It is a true paradise. You name it, we got it.

Tell us about Kauli Yako on Radio Salaam?

Kauli Yako is a breakfast show that airs from 6 -10 am, Mon to Fri that show cases the rare taste of coastal content, shading a positive and educative prospect on politics, lifestyle, talent and self-awareness.

What inspired you to bring together the creative team?

I happen to be part of the craziest department. The team ranges from Copywriters, Production Assistants, IT, Graphic Designers and the company’s Photographer.

I am passionate about radio and impacting people’s lives positively. I wanted to create an arsenal that is based on mutual sharing and respect. I wanted to create a Creative Department that can be replicated anywhere under any circumstances. I only had a vision in the inside to recognize, and I am determined to train and lead the team to a modern digital set up that will lead my company to heights levels imagined. At the moment we are said to ‘controversial’ last time I heard on ‘Kauli Yako’ as we have rebranded and changed everything what our listeners have been used to… we even play Adele’s cover |Hallo.

Have you ever had team experience you found disappointing?

Yes! Cannot talk about it now. But it really got into my skin.

Do you think there is enough creatives in Mombasa?

I’m mindful that I inherit a system biased in my favour, but I’m also a passionate African – and have been outspoken on matters to do with the country because I care so much. Sadly, there haven’t been enough Creatives. I happen to be the only creative in Mombasa in the radio world.

What can creatives do to bring awareness of Art in Mombasa?

Creatives can apply impressive media concept programs that if implemented would be a gold mine to whatever brand that appeals to artists associated with the concepts.

impressive media concept programs that if implemented would be a gold mine to whatever brand you associate the concepts with.

Is the county doing enough to promote Art and creatives in Mombasa?

It’s a good question, and one which we should all ask, especially because now the country has gone digital. However, there hasn’t been much done yet in the country to promote Art and Creative work in Mombasa – I’m afraid to say so.  Appearing on music videos and having concerts set isn’t enough to promote the industry to the heights we all hope to attain.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

First off, doing what I love. InshaAllah (God willing) I have spearhead my own online content hub — jayfm.inspimate.com, a tremendous little start-up. A digital platform that would change the game and levels in the playing field. A multi-faceted content platform, free from traditional media restrictions or complaints. A digital platform, giving access to freedom of expression. I would love to continue giving generously of my time to causes which are close to my heart. These include fighting the abuse of women and children; supporting literacy; helping those suffering from brain injuries and promoting nation-building. I would regularly love to make time for charity and cultural events and be found trying to get school kids to stop being nasty to each other, and listen to their teachers

Parting shot

Jamal Abdallah always has some exciting plans up his sleeve – because you deserve it!

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