Jina langu ni Mahfoudh A. Ammar

Published On: January 11th, 2015

Mahfoudh presenting a gift to a new student


  1. Your name and what do you do?
    My name is Mahfoudh A. Ammar , A serial Entrepreneur in Higher Education,Science and Technology.C.E.O Ammarcom Institute and Ammarcom Computer Solutions.
  2. Are you concerned with the education level in Mombasa?
    Yes,I am,that’s the main reason for our existence as an institution which offers higher learning with quality assurance at heart.
  3. What challenges did you face starting Ammarcom institute?
    Financing during the startup process,Accreditation Procedures,high competition rate with existing institutions.
  4. Do you connect your graduates with employers?
    Yes We do,That has always been in our system of Higher learning,We guide and support our students through interviews and connect them with prospective employers.
  5. Does a teacher create a positive impact on a child?
    Yes, If the teacher focuses to be a role model to the child. At the same time a teacher can impact negative characters on to a child depending on his/her vices.
  6. Where do you see Ammarcom Institute ten years from now?
    Ammarcom Institute has been operating for the past 5 years,Our Aim is to offer higher education with quality assurance and guarantee job placements for our new graduates.We see Ammarcom Institute as Private Accredited University serving the whole coastal region and Kenya at large.
  7. How can we assist the youth of Mombasa from being radicalized?
    Education is the Key to every problem in the coastal region of Kenya.If Only we could tap the young individuals and take them to vocational training institutions and also guide them through job search and self employment strategies we will definitely have a better Mombasa !
  8. Will the digital era impact the education system and learning process?
    Indeed it will, and will definitely reduce the work loads in all departments of educational organizations and the learning process will be more swift and interactive.
  9. What packages do offer for new high school graduates?
    We have a wide range of courses for school leavers starting with Computer Literacy.Business,ICT,Languages,Accountancy,Secretarial,Social Sciences,Professional Courses.
  10. Parting shot
    Courage doesn’t always roar.sometimes courage is the quite voice at the end of the day saying “I will try Again tomorrow”. Its never too late to get Educated, Join me In the intellectual journey !

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  1. omar mohammed January 13, 2015 at 7:04 am

    Mashallah ican say ua pioneer in collage education in msa!!

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