Jina langu ni Mohamed Abbas

Published On: August 10th, 2016

Your name and what do you do?

My is Mohamed Abbas and a professional photographer

How long have you been doing photography?

Funny thing is this is my fourth year in Photography

What inspires you?

I get most of my inspiration from my friends who I look up to when am stuck.

What is the best project you ever worked on and what did you love about it?

My best project was Almaz collection for Adele Dejak that was featured on 3 different Top Magazine and FIBA

Did you go to school to study photography?

No I didn’t learnt through the best photographer in the market and youtube

In your opinion, has Mombasa embraced photography?

It is picking up slowly because most of the people and clients have less knowlegde in what a picture can do for their brands

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Nikon D810

What is your favourite image you have shot recently? Can you describe its creation in regards to location, lighting, composition etc., also your thoughts when creating the image and what it means to you?

I won’t take all the credits of my pictures because i work with a team of 4 to 5 guys to get what i want or what the client wants.Our recent shoot was amazing because i got a chance to shoot the disability players of the tennis kenya team .

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Mmmmmh I don’t know because I have more than 1000 plans for my career

Parting shot

Dream big think big but start small

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