Jina langu ni Murad Swaleh

Published On: December 6th, 2014



1. Your name and what do you do?

My name is Murad Swaleh and I am a user experience designer at Crablinks Interactive where we build web sites, web apps and mobile apps. I like to build things for the internet that people will use at ease and make their life better.

2. Tell us a childhood moment that you cherish?

Learning to ride a bike taught by my big brother was awesome.

3. What has changed in Mombasa over the years

I have seen people embrace technology and became so passionate about engaging with the community because of technology. The rise of IT Communities like MombasaTech which has helped the community learn from others. Students from different universities have come close because of such gatherings and have been able to produce mobile solutions to companies.

The face of Mombasa has really changed in terms of beautification projects along the main roads and the trucks for garbage have also been helpful in keeping the city clean

4. When was the last time you went to Mama Ngina and what did you do there?

Almost 3 months ago, took my family out to enjoy the breeze and kids have fun on the bouncing castle

5. Do you think technology can help improve service delivery/communication by the county government

Technology can help improve service delivery in many ways. A good example can be a system to provide business permits where one can apply online and get the certificate in an hour. Payment can even be made through mpesa and all the company details will be included in the business permit certificate as for the manual, you will fill all details but the officers do not fill it all.

In communication, we have seen many corporate companies using social media to communicate to their customers. County government can use social media for feedback and any relevant news about the county.

6. If you could teach upcoming techies something, what would it be ?

Website Design.
It’s my passion and at my company, www.crablinks.co.ke we have been taking interns and training them on website design and development. This year, we trained 12 students from different universities and they learnt a lot in website design and am happy to see some of them implementing what they learnt in client products.

7. Give us three random hashtags that describe your life right now

#DesignNerd #Instagrammer #Entrepreneur

8. Mombasa is the landing point of the all submarine cables that bring high speed internet to Kenya. Why isn’t Mombasa the hub then?

Hard question, but to shorten it, I would say companies have been having issues with Mombasa because of guys who are idle and abuse drugs. In Nairobi, people know what they want and are going places to get things done. I think Mombasa has changed a lot right now with people now having their eyes opened and looking for new opportunities. The coming up of tech communities will also bring a difference

9. Android or IOS guy? Why?

iOS is the most advanced OS out there for mobile even though many would not agree with me. As a UX/UI Designer who is very passionate about design, I use tools/gadgets that reflect great design. I have been using Apple products for almost 3 years now and still will.

10. Parting shot
I would like to see more people intermarry. It changes people’s perspective about other tribes and cultures.



  1. fathiya Riday December 8, 2014 at 11:44 am

    I have ideas too murad…this article is soo inspiring….can we discuss it in fb ..sms

  2. ahscribbles February 2, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Murad’s work is really good. He designed my brother’s website; http://www.mobiclick.co.ke/

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