Jina langu ni Stellah Charles

Published On: September 25th, 2015


1. Who is Stellah Charles?
I am a beauty/ fashion blogger, social media marketer and entrepreneur. I am also a 4th year student at Technical university of Mombasa; I study industrial microbiology and biotechnology.
2. What motivates you each day to blog?
I mostly blog about my style and beauty tips, I make sure I post at least 4 times per week. When it comes to beauty tips, I tend to point out matters that give women hard time to deal with, such as skin maintenance.
3. Your blog, itgirl.co.ke, what made you start it?
I used to model years ago, and I remember my first blog was just a BlogSpot. I dint have a domain and had little knowledge about blogging. I used to post my pictures there and nothing more. After one year, I stopped posting on the blog, and closed it months later. So I used to post beauty tips and share my style on my social media accounts. I later realized that the platforms were not reliable to share what’s on my mind to my readers. 4 months ago, I got a professional web designer, photographer and hence www.itgirl.co.ke
4. Give us top three Fashion tips that you live by.
I should probably share this; every girl should make sure she has the following
1.classic handbag
2.simple and nice make up(facial upkeep)
3.Well groomed from head to toe, not forgetting classic shoes.

5. The pictures on your blog always look amazing. Who does your photography?
Thanks a lot. My photographer is Guy G, he is based in Mombasa, never disappoints.
6. What was the most difficult photo shoot you’ve ever done?
Cemetery Goth shoots. My manager wanted a scary unique shoot. In addition, he wanted it done very early in the morning so that we could capture the sunrise. The shoot was scary and I had nightmares for a couple of nights. I actually didn’t share the pictures with my followers, they were too scary.
7. What is your usual daily beauty routine?
My daily beauty routine is actually not unique from other women daily routine,
1.First, cleanse your face.
2.Apply a moisturizer and a little loose powder to make it last
3.Liquid sleek foundation
4.Sleek powder
5.I can use a gloss or lipstick depending to my schedule
8. Who do you look up to for inspiration?
I love Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams. I have been watching their shows since I was young; these two women inspire me a lot. When it comes to fashion, I like Mel Ottenberg, the sense of style and creativity is just an inspiration on its own. Thirdly, Victoria Beckam, I admire all she has achieved, I have been following up on her fashion journey and its admirable.
9. Do shop in Mombasa or Nairobi?
I don’t have a place where I shop. So long as I see something unique and good looking i just buy. Pwani Fashion House (on facebook) has nice outfits too.
10. Your parting shot to all the girls who want to start a fashion blog
Fashion blogging is all about sharing your style, what you think is right and pointing out common fashion mistakes. For all who want to start a fashion blog, make sure you get a good web designer and a photographer. The layout really matters a lot.


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