Jina Langu ni Wahida Bayusuf

Published On: December 21st, 2016

Your Name and what do you do?

My name is wahida bayusuf

I own a ladies only fitness center in mombasa.

Why Inshape fitness for Ladies?

I chose a ladies fitness facility due to my passion in fitness and also due to there not being a ladies only fitness center in

Mombasa, where women would feel comfortable especially the more reserved ones.

If a customer comes to you seeking a weight loss, how do you develop a plan for them?

All our clients enroll through a process called BMI by calculating the height and weight to assess ones fitness requirements and we create a professional workout plan accordingly, different clients have different needs. We also advise her to see a Nutritionist we work hand in hand with for best results. Nutrition plays a bigger role to attain goals.

How do you handle the marketing Inshape?

We handle the marketing of Inshape by handing out flyers and also advertise a lot on social media.

Is owning and running a gym different than you imagined? How so?

Owning and running a gym is different from what I imagined as to be successful in this industry it is very important to know what you are doing just like any other business. You have to build yourself around a formidable and dedicated team. Good qualified female instructors are hard to find in Mombasa. Also Maintenance of the cardio machines is costly.

As woman entrepreneur, did you receive any mentorship in starting your business?

As a woman entrepreneur and someone who loves fitness, one always needs mentorship and a little push in starting a business my husband has been my mentor and guide throughout together with my family who have been my support.

Reflecting back to when you opened would you consider yourself well-prepared for owning a business? What were your strengths and weaknesses?

Reflecting back to when I opened I wouldn’t consider myself well prepared for owning the business as at the beginning it was all trial and error i.e. getting the correct timings for classes, putting the right flooring, getting the right team of staff I needed and getting machines which I didn’t start with.

My strength was having my husband beside me at all times to help me make the right decisions and advising me on how to tackle each problem I came across.

My weaknesses was having the right amount of finance to do things fast. Some things took me longer but have accomplished them all now.

What is the most challenging part in convincing women to join the gym?

The most challenging part to get women to join the gym is being honest with them the time it’ll take them to lose desired weight and the hard work they’ll have to put in. Most women believe in short cuts and very fast weight loss which are not usually permanent. Like diets they see on the net which promise false achievements.

Where do you Inshape 10 years from now?

10 years from now I see Inshape with more branches nationwide. We plan to have more branches to be able to cater for more women. We plan to have bigger fitness facilities to be able to offer more fitness activities like swimming.

Parting shot

People physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions they look younger and feel confident and beautiful

Welcome to Inshape ladies

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