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Published On: May 2nd, 2017

Every woman has a story, what she has gone through, her fears and hopes. And each story has a lesson for others to learn. Mariam Mell’Osiime Mpaata (MMM) wanted to hear all these stories, she wanted to inspire others to conversation. She started the MMM  Women series in Mombasa on the 5th March 2016. The series are hosted once in two months. Almost 500 women have since attended the forums. The best part of this is she always has new faces, the reason being every topic is tailored to a particular group. This is good for growth.

What is the MMM’s Women Series all about?

The series is  about conversations. A space where women can just talk about their social issues because ultimately what really makes a strong woman strong, is not just the success the world sees, it’s the deeper struggles she overcomes that eventually lead to her internal happiness and success.

Through a series of TALKS, her cause as a host is therefore be to CREATE a nonjudgmental space that encourages women to have CONVERSATIONS about issues that affect them.  How she pick the topics is rather interesting. she pick topics through her own experiences, sometimes from a trending topic or sometimes she will bump into a friend going through a rough patch about a particular issue.

She has had series on parenting, overcoming personal challenges, miscarriages, confidence

Weight success or issues?– Friday 28th April 2017

“Weight success or issues?” was an MMM Women series held on the 28th April at Visca center Nyali. A Lot of women fight the weight battle, gaining weight and trying to lose it. Every woman has a story. A panel discussion was hosted by Mariam, consisting of:

Mishi Demu

Maureen Angira

Priscilla Ibalai

Naomy Omuka

Emma Dahmen

Monica Chege

Noreen Kigochi

Jammy El-Jabry

Each person spoke of their weight battles, trying to lose the weight. Discussion on meals plans, exercise and how to keep going. Noreen, a nutritionist gave tips on eating healthy and what food are best when trying to lose weight.

Here are a few lessons that was discussed:

  • That everyone has a personal journey when it comes to weight, what works for you might not work for another.
  • There are women struggling with adding weight and they too need to be supported and not victimized.
  • That losing weight does not really mean you have a healthy body.
  • We should have regular medical checkups
  • We need to get nutritional advice
  • We also need to get right fitness advice before we begin any form of training
  • That we need accountability partners but also recognize that we must be our own cheerleaders when it comes to healthy lifestyle.

The evening saw over 30 women attendees, with Healthy snacks being sold by Meat’n’Heb restaurant. Each woman left with a valuable lesson.

For more details on the Next MMM Women Series- follow Mariam on her Page:

MMM – Mariam Mell’Osiime Mpaata

Sights: Weight success or issues?- Friday 28th April 2017

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