Once Upon a Time Mombasa

Published On: May 4th, 2017

Once upon a time is an outdoor movie experience by Golden Foot prints. The idea is to bring people out together to enjoy the outdoor and watch a movie with a friend, or your husband/wife or anyone you want. Mkekas are placed around a park; you can bring a pillow or two and relax while watching a classical movie under the African sky.

The third edition of Once Upon a time Mombasa was held on the 30th of April at Butterfly Pavilion, families had the opportunity to watch Mrs Doubtfire. A classical children movie with Robin Williams.

The afternoon started with Juukua the band playing different classical songs of our times. While Fruit Nation Barbeque provided different meals and snacks for sale, while popcorn was served free on the house. Cheeky Monkeys world had a kids corner for children to enjoy some free playing time. Lucy and her team showcased Classic Fashion of the past eras, different years fashion trends were displayed. The movie started playing at 6:30 pm as the sky got darker, enjoying the african sky.

Once upon a time is a great concept because you get to enjoy outdoor movie experience, a unique way from our modern day life. Follow on Facebook to find out the next event near you: Once upon a time Kenya

Sights from the event:

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