Mabuyu & Achari Sellers

Published On: October 25th, 2020

Mabuyu is a coastal snack enjoyed by the young and old.  Cooked in sugar syrup the baobab seeds are then added colour to give it a zest. Mostly enjoyed while watching movies or hanging out with friends. Mabuyu has even been exported to other countries by coastarian to bring home closer to them.  The colours range from red to even green can be found sold around Mackinon Market and environs or even at individual homes. Achari is mango cut into pieces and dried to make it easier to eat, sometimes sugar is added to make it sweeter. You will find others with added colour , which is mostly red.  Normally sold in sachets the price range for kshs 5 – kshs 20.

One of most demanded gift from Mombasa is Mabuyu and achari, many people from Nairobi and outside the country crave mabuyu and have no place to buy. Life in Mombasa has curated a list to create access to Mabuyu and Achari sellers. The list includes the name, price and contact, to make it easier to order your favorite snack.

NB: This list will be updated regularly.

All Mabuyu and Achari sellers: To be added to this list send an email with your Name, contact, and pricelist to

  • Name: Aamina
  • Contact: 0706788764
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu 600/KG
  • Name: Adeline K. Nyagah
  • Contact: 0721 375826.
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu: Pilipili, Bila-pilipili and Vimto @ 100/= a packet
  • Achari: Pilipili & Bila-pilipili @200/= a packet.
  • Name: Zeenat Nasser – Guilty Pleasures
  • Contact: 0736888283
  • Pricelist: Jaggery Candy kshs 280 250 grams
  • All standards kshs 180 250 grams
  • Rainbow Jars kshs 270
  • Value Pack kshs 200
  • Name: shirin
  • Contact:
  • Pricelist: Seedless Mabuyu 300shs
  • Seed Mabuyu 300shs
  • Achari 300shs
  • Papeta 300shs
  • Victoria Mabuyu 300shs
  • Name: Sarah
  • Contact: 0722483067
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu 500grams 400 kshs
  • Achari 300gram 400 kshs
  • Small tins of Achari @80 kshs
  • Name: Fatma Haji Kale
  • Contact: 0707376647
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu kshs 100 per container
  • Name: Huris Collections
  • Contact: 0722477888 / 0710541592
  • Pricelist: Mabuyu packets – 30. 100. 150
  • Name : Nidhi Shah
  • Contact: 0738366699
  • Price list: Mabuyus 300/- a tub

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