Mombasa Make-Up Artists

Published On: September 29th, 2019

The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid rate, brands compete each day with newer and better products for consumers. Today, every woman has one or two cosmetic product in their handbag and multiple products in their homes. Some women are loyal to certain brands, and they only purchase products released by the certain brand. Make-up has become trend with influencers, you will find various tutorials and videos on YouTube.

Today, with high demand for make-up from consumers a lot of Make-up artists (MUA) are becoming popular and on demand. With weddings, event and other official functions more and more women opt using a make-up artist to glam themselves. Since the demands is so high, more women are getting into the industry to fill in the gap. Because there is a demand for different MUAs, Life in Mombasa has curated a list of Make-up Artists from Mombasa who specialize in the different Make-up for different occasions.

NB: This list will be updated regularly.

Make-up Artist: To be added to this list send an email with our Name, contact, Social Media account to

  • Name: Mahaasin Abdulrahim
  • Contact: 0780334316
  • Social Media: mahaglamour
  • Name: Leylah Yusuf
  • Contact: 0711109770
  • Social Media: Makeover_letu
  • Open to travel within the country. I do house calls too.
  • Name: Charity Sonje- Kakey Makeup
  • Contact: 0725633285
  • Social Media: kakey_makeup
  • Name: Aisha Said
  • Contact: 0725484028.
  • Social Media: aashuni
  • Name: Sumaiya Abdulkarim
  • Contact: 0782222001
  • Social Media: ajmal_glam
  • Name:  glamour.holics
  • Contact: 0707717123 Aisha and 0700338610 Mirfat
  • Social Media: glamour.holics
  • Name: Shahina ibrahim
  • Contact: 0706802786
  • Social Media: shahiiiiina
  • Name:  Manaal Jamal
  • Contact: 0701052050
  • Email:
  • Social Media: manaals.mikyaj
  • Name:  Naseem Amin
  • Contact: 0712211180 / 0754115246
  • Social Media: Nasmohaamhas
  • Name:  Nawaal Harith
  • Contact: 0786279644 / 0729256702 (whatsapp only)
  • Social Media: makeup_by_nawaal
  • Name:  Muna Kassam Ahmed
  • Contact: 0700881915
  • Social Media: mombasamua
  • Name:  Sameera Styles Makeup Studio, Ganjoni
  • Contact: 0715156664
  • Social Media: sameerastyles001
  • Name:  Faith Gwada – Fleekworth by Fay
  • Contact: 0723983050
  • Social Media: fleekworthbyfay
  • Name: Hawa Hassan
  • Contact: 0746075534
  • Social Media: hawa’s makeup
  • Name:  Shadya Ibrahim
  • Contact: 0702137194 / 0784137194
  • Social Media: Shadya_dada
  • Name: Mwanaidi Mohamme
  • Contact:  0723689943
  • Social Media: kimwana87

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