Mombasa Bakers and Sweet Delights

Published On: November 1st, 2019

Cakes are always in demand; everyday people celebrate birthdays. One person can receive up to 5 cakes on their birthday, and then there are all other celebrated days that people receive cakes. Weddings, anniversaries, new baby, all these days deserve a cake to celebrate.  Celebrations all so go with snacks and sweet savory delights to add to the festive mood. In Mombasa, there is an influx of bakers who make amazing cakes. Each person having a unique way of their decorations and taste, which will cater to all types of demands from different occasions to celebrate.  From cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts and to all types of sweet savory delights, there is variety to choose from for those special occasions or just to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

Every day on Instagram, Facebook you will discover a new baker who is advertising their work. Sometimes you want to know who can provide a cake for a different occasion, hence Life in Mombasa has curated a list of bakers and sweet delicacy bakers from Mombasa who specialize in the different types of baking.

NB: This list will be updated regularly.

All Bakers and Sweet delicacy makers: To be added to this list send an email with our Name, contact, and Social Media account and specialty to

  • Name: Sameera Parpia
  • Contact: 0717267243
  • Social Media : doughnut_eatme
  • Specialty: Hand crafted English Doughnuts
  • Name: Aahil’s Cakes – Nawal Esmail
  • Contact: 0728256771
  • Social Media: aahilscakes
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name:  Sausan Shallo
  • Contact: 0741150875
  • Social Media: s_saadan_cakes
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name: Qamariyah
  • Contact: 0722785407
  • Social Media: FooDelish.254
  • Specialty: Cakes and Sweet Delicacies
  • Name:  Amina K Ahmed
  • Contact: 0796952881
  • Social Media: Minny Bakery
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name: Mariyah behlul.
  • Contact: 0715474652
  • Social Media: Meltingcakes
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name: Farida Qaizaar
  • Contact: 0723424719
  • Social Media: faridaqaiz
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name: Khadija Said
  • Contact: 0799708705
  • Social Media: astwinbakers
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name: Cynthia Ogeya
  • Contact: 0714397509 / 0734088804
  • Social Media: ceo_tastytreats
  • Specialty: Cakes
  • Name: Fatma hassan
  • Contact: 0703561633
  • Social Media: Whispering_cakes
  • Specialty: Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies (for all occasions)
  • Name: Amne Abdulgawi Ahmed
  • Contact: 0705554455
  • Social Media: sweettreats_by_amne
  • Specialty: Bake & Dessert Making
  • Name:  Huseini Bakery
  • Contact:
  • Social Media:  huseinibakery
  • Specialty: All cakes and baked snacks
  • Name: Rahma Ahmed Mohammed Othman
  • Contact: 0741929945
  • Social Media:
  • Specialty: Baking cakes and desserts
  • Name: Tasneem Bashir
  • Contact: 0705275984
  • Social Media: @tashuu_delicacies
  • Specialty: Indian sweets and fusion cakes.
  • Name – Minaz Feroz
  • Contact – 0727531111
  • Social Media Pages: Instagram – Minschocoloco Facebook – Mins Feroz Abdulla
  • Specialty – Professional Chocolatier/Baker/Dessert Maker.
  • Email: Minschocoloco@Gmail.Com
  • Name: Mohamed Eyaz
  • Contact: 0716607744
  • Social Media: @eyazmithwani
  • Specialty: Delicious snacks and sweet delights including samosas, cutlets, bajias and gulab jamun
  • Name: Nafisa Khuzeima Hassanali
  • Contact: 0777861112
  • Social Media Page:
  • Specialty: All types of Cakes (including eggless) and Brownies.
  • Name: Qamili Dave 
  • Contact: 0735 496 820 
  • Social Media: @chaqula_
  • Specialty: Brownies 
  • Name: Maria
  • Contact: 0791370590/0734421276
  • Social Media: @bakerriaaa
  • Specialty: All type of customized themed cakes, Cupcakes, Donuts, Exotic cookies, Brownies and Cinnamon rolls
  • Name: Swabah Ahmed
  • Contact: 0716478708
  • Social Media: swabby bakes
  • Specialty: cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pastries(for all occasions)

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