Top 5 Tourist things to do in Mombasa

Published On: June 17th, 2019

If you have read pervious post about the Top 5 Adventure things to do in Mombasa.  Here is a write-up about the Top 5 Tourist things to do in Mombasa. The different attractions are significant to Mombasa historical background, the stories from the attractions has shaped Mombasa to what it is today!

Fort Jesus and The Butterfly House:

The Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596, to the designs of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa . The fort is still intact and makes a beautiful place to have a photoshoot or take pictures.

The Butterfly house is located, on the side of the Fort and it is home to beautiful butterflies as well it is a paradise that helps in educating the importance of biodiversity and how the local communities play a part in eco-tourism. Plus it is a beautiful place to have a picnic.

Charges: 200/-

How to get there: Fort Jesus is located in Mombasa Island along Nkurumah road. You can take a tuktuk and tell the driver to take you to Fort Jesus it will cost 50/- to 100/- depending on where you are.

Old Town:

It is part of where Fort Jesus, is located. It was inhabited by a mix of local Arab, Portuguese, Asian, and British settlers. Old town is where most government buildings were located and the narrow streets with beautiful carved Swahili Doors/ Arab Doors. Old Town is one the places that has kept the Swahili Culture and it is a photographers dream.

The Tusks:

This are landmark and what Mombasa is know for, they were built to commemorate Queen Elizabeths visit to Mombasa in 1952. You can not say you came to Mombasa and not take a photo in-front of them.

How to get there: They are located at the city centre in Moi Avenue.

Haller Park:

This was originally an empty quarry, but was converted into a sanctuary for various animals and trees, it is truly a jungle, with a beautiful canopy and it is sort of scary, but you can take some amazing photos. You can feed the giraffes sadly, I missed the time and that is 11 am and 4 pm.The good news is that if you buy the ticket and go through the park and and none of the feeding times are not anytime close, you can go and come back the same day by 5pm or during any of the feeding time.

Charges are 500/-

How to get there: North Coast: Mombasa- Malindi rd, take a left at the Bamburi Junction and go to till the roundabout, take another left, you will see the signage

Mamba Village:

I remember coming here as a kid, on school trips and I have a photo on the crocodile that is on the entrance, although it is not the same one. So mamba village, exports crocodile skin and also bred crocodile for the meat. It is very educational, I learnt stuff about crocodiles I didn’t already know. I got to hold a baby crocodile. Feeding time is 4pm, unlike Haller Park you can get a guide if you are alone. Ps don’t forget to tip them.

Charges: 300/-

How to get there: On Nyali Links Road.

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