30 Days of Nawal : Ramadhan Shopping at Nawal Centre

Published On: June 1st, 2018

One of the most iconic shopping plaza in Mombasa is Nawal centre, located in Mwembe Tayari makes it the most tallest building in the area.  Opened in 2001, it has become the one stop shop for all household items.  Many people from around Mombasa visit Nawal Centre to furnish their homes and offices, with the convenience of location it makes it ideal.  The prices are also affordable without compromising quality. Today,

Nawal Centre has 7 floors, each floor dedicated to a specific category. There is wide range of products from Bath accessories, Stationery, Cosmetics, Materials and ladies accessories, Mommy & Baby store, Household items, Electronics, Curtains & Upholstery and Furniture. They bring products each month, making it easy to find variety of Products each visit.  Apart from the shopping, Nawal Centre has employed many youths in the community.  By creating job opportunities, they build the community and create economic empowerment. In addition, they take youths from local colleges on work placement who then stay on with permanent positions.

This Ramadhan, Nawal Centre has new campaign – “30 days of Nawal”.  The campaign is to allow people outside Mombasa to benefit from the deals at Nawal Center.  Each day, a deal is posted on the social media channels to allow buyers to order, purchase and be delivered to them. Online shoppers can order through the social media or the WhatsApp number.  So far the deals have included, Revolving cake stand, Bathroom set, Blender, Fruit Juicer, Pizza Maker and Deep Fryer. All items are selected based on the needs and demands of the shoppers.  In addition, to cater to the Eid shoppers Nawal center will be opening at night throughout the last 10 days of Ramadhan. Shoppers will be able to shop at the convenience time after breaking their fast.

Nawal Centre has helped the community; it is an iconic place to shop for most Mombasa residents. Shoppers find deals every day, but to appreciate loyal customers and all shoppers the Ramadhan offer is a great way to show it. For all the deals stop by Nawal Center and show us your purchase- tag @lifeinMombasa and @nawalcentre on Instagram.

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