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Published On: May 10th, 2021

Our story

As Close the Gap Kenya was on life in Mombasa with our one stop shop “Close the Gap HUB”, we couldn’t leave out our new plant “the Circular Economy HUB”.  The Circular Economy HUB is also part of the social enterprise, Close the Gap Kenya. That aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality, nearly new computers collected from European and international companies to educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries.

State of art ITAD facility

Close the Gap Kenya is very proud of their recently manufactured state of art IT asset disposition facility in Jomvu, The Circular Economy HUB.

IT asset disposition, or ITAD is the process of how and where to dispose or re-manufacture IT-hardware. It is the first fully automated ICT assembly and manufacturing plant at the Kenyan coast. Here Close the Gap Kenya assembles computer components, mobile devices, spare parts, and other tech devices into affordable ‘made in Kenya’ nearly new computer devices. These devices will be used in educational, medical and social projects.

The process

After the devices arrive in the harbor, they will be taken to the Circular Economy HUB. The process starts here. It starts by unpacking the container. All devices pass the “check-in”. At the check-in they check the state of the devices, the specifications and register them in the stock system. After this they go through different kind of processes at the Circular Economy HUB, called: teardown, monitor, mobility, and data wipe.

At the teardown all broken devices, are processed. These are devices that cannot be re-used.

They will be taken a-part and the e-waste will be disposed in a safe way. 

At monitor, as the word already reveals they process all screens, and at mobility we process mobile phones and tablets. The data wipe area is for wiping all data from the devices. Data wiping is key in their process. This the process of overwriting the data on a particular hard drive to such an extent that the original data is unreadable. The benefit of data wiping, aside from protecting company data, is that you can completely reuse the original hard drive.

After the data wipe process the assets are ready, they get validated in the system and are carefully packed and stored to await their new destination. After they are assigned to a project, the devices will be installed with the needed software and they get packed and delivered to start a new valuable life.

With this process Close the Gap Kenya wants to contribute to introducing work opportunities and better equal income for disadvantaged youth and women.   

The Circular Economy HUB will be the third pilar of the incubation program “BOOST”. This program is founded to support the growth of decent work opportunity, green business, and access to sustainable technology, while fostering the circular economy of Mombasa.

Besides using the devices in educational, medical and social projects. Close the Gap Kenya will also offer the devices for the individual consumer. They will be offered via our website and at our one stop shop at Ratna Square.

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